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The Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way Party Explained

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The Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way Party (LFGOTW Party) is a conservative party that expands upon the ideas of Republicans, and also encourages efficiency. The party has twelve basic planks that form the basis of their platform. The first plank stems from the party’s name, as it encourages all citizens to either lead, follow or get out of the way. Additionally, The LFGOTW Party advocates for spending cuts to non-essential programs in order to reduce the deficit and consequently the national debt, eliminating Social Security and the subsequent tax, and shifting retirement funds to the private sector, decreasing the time that a citizen can collect unemployment to promote individual ...view middle of the document...

This party could easily be successful on the United States political scene because it combines conservative ideas of Republicans with some middle ground ideas such as reforming the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore, the party advocates for a sense of individual worth in that it is based around citizens actively doing something, instead of just being in the way. All of these traits make it a very attractive party, especially to conservatives and moderate liberals, meaning that the party could easily rival both of the two major parties.
The Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way Party was formed on the eve of Thursday, March 27 when founder Jimmy Long felt a need to make a change to the current two party system. He pulled from many different sources, including Republicans and Libertarians whilst deciding on the party’s views. As the party is still very young, they currently haven’t done much, but the beliefs are sound and could potentially greatly benefit the country. For instance, the party believes in appealing military spending cuts to keep the armed forces strong, which greatly benefits the country as it keep our front line of defense strong. Moreover, the party also supports increased violence control instead of increased gun control which is beneficial on two fronts in that it attempts to reduce violence and also protects the constitutional right to bear arms. The parties main demographic would tend to...

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