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The Leader Of World Peace Essay

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Peace has always been America’s most important business and its citizens invariably obligated to lend a helping hand for their country and the free world. Americans felt this way especially after World War II, when everyone was “riding a wave of post war confidence” (Edelstein). Led by the 34th President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, America was inspired to bring the concept to life. President Eisenhower kept America from World War III and also inspired a long lasting effort to be created, known as the People to People program, to carry on his legacy and ideas of a harmonious world. Though some may argue that Eisenhower was mostly a “hands-off” President; there is no denying that he was a great military leader who strongly envisioned the bigger picture, world peace.
Many historians and scholars will argue that President Eisenhower was one of the least effective Presidents because he did not take much action in protecting the American Civil rights. Countless people of the past and present believe that he did not use his power to its maximum capability, especially in the area of Civil Rights. “Although he signed civil rights legislation in 1957 and 1960, Eisenhower disliked having to deal with racial issues” (“American President”). American citizens felt betrayed because he did not follow through with his promises and it was as if he was trying to ignore this pressing issue. Eisenhower only acted when push came to shove and he failed to use his moral authority as President. For example, “In 1957, he did send federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, when mobs tried to block the desegregation of Central High School, but he did so because he had a constitutional obligation to uphold the law, not because he supported integration” (“American President”). Which goes to show that Eisenhower preferred diplomacy rather than using upright force (Smith 36). He had decided that the priority in being able to repair the adversities of World War II was to address the pressing global predicaments first. Eisenhower got/gets criticized because he was a peace-seeking leader at the detriment of dealing with international relations rather than the budding controversial issues within America.
While critics in the 1950s labeled Eisenhower as a "do-nothing" President, some historians in the twenty-first century praise him for not taking action (“American President”).
Eisenhower did not lead the country into war, although he might have chosen to do so. The way in which he navigated the post-war times greatly affected America and the world. Eisenhower came into office during the time in which the Cold War was building up. Therefore, it was up to him to determine the future and to protect the free world. After World War II, tension between Russia and America increased to the point where another World War was becoming terrifyingly more possible. Thankfully, he was qualified for the task; besides, it was through his great success in the military that led to his popularity in running...

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