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The Front Row Essay

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Madison MilanovichMr. JohnstonEnglish IINovember 5, 2014The Front RowTheme: People mature as a result of choice, not age.As I sit here in the back row, I stare at you. Sitting there. In the front row. Acting so "fantabulous." It disgusts me how you think you're so much better. What makes you think that anyway? We are just as good as you. Your two years older, big deal. That didn't seem to matter two years ago when you were best buds with Melanie. What makes us so different? What is wrong with us? One day, I will show you that we are not any different. One day, I'll prove we are equal. One day, I will be in the front and you'll be staring at me.When I first met you, I didn't think you were mean or rude. I thought you were just another dancer, just like the rest of us. I thought you were nice and sweet and just, normal. I never thought you would be rude or stuck up like you were so much better than us. I don't see what you get out of being like this. Next year you will be gone and we will have to fill your shoes, just like you had to fill the shoes of the people before you.I'm not saying we have to be friends, but it would be nice if you at least respected us. You can think you're better than us, but everyone knows deep down you are the immature ones. We are the ones who actually want this to end while you still just think of it as a way to get ahead of us.Now you're over there in your little corner of the dressing room whispering and laughing about who knows what. You're probably laughing about something that one of us screwed up in lyrical or how every week I get corrected on that same exact turn. Not because I'm a bad student or a bad dancer, but because I just have difficulty doing it. Just like you, Gretchen. You have been doing jazz for three times as long as I have, yet your split is still a foot off the ground while mine is almost flat. Yet do I make fun of you for it? No. I don't, because I know that you aren't very flexible and that that is something that is hard for you. I understand that not everyone can do everything perfect, and that's just how it is.Now we are heading into our next class, ballet. I make sure not to take your spot on the barre, because God forbid if I do, there will be hell to pay. Then I will be to one receiving the death stares all class. So, I make sure to steer clear of my favorite barre because it's "your barre."Finally, ballet ends. But the silent torcher doesn't. Now we have the dreaded class of tap. You, Regina, leave because you don't take that class. You are not one to be good with a class where the audience can hear if you're off the music. Instead, you sticks to the classes where if you are off the music, the audience will only know if they are watching you specifically and not just by sound.Of course, again, I stay in the back row so you doesn't make fun of me for who knows what. The worst part about tap class is when Miss Laurie or Miss Margaret go around the room one by one having us do wings or...

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