The Leaflet Written By Friends Of The Earth

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The Leaflet Written by Friends of the Earth

This is a leaflet written by Friends of the Earth where the audience
targeted are British, the mahogany furniture lovers. The layout of the
leaflet is eye-catching forces the readers to read on. This leaflet
was produced in 1992 for the Friends of the Earth. The writer was an
Indian from Brazil's Amazonian forests. It was produced to gain
support from British public and to gain their help to stop deforesting
in Brazil.

The writer uses eye-catching big bold letters in the heading along
with the word 'YOU' to attract readers. The writer uses this word for
two reasons, one being involving the readers with the leaflet and
secondly so that they feel guilty and responsible. It has been seen
that most of the readers normally reads the message in bold writing
and they glance at the picture before they decide whether to read the
leaflet or not. The writer of this article shows his understanding of
reader's nature as he uses, just the write wording in the leaflet's
heading, the first paragraph of the article and the right picture. The
writer also uses the word 'MY' in the heading to make his/her view
more appealing to show that he/she is concerned about the Indian
community. The word 'MURDERED' in the heading is also a strong word
and the writer uses the word to play with the emotions of the readers.

The writer gets readers attention write from the beginning of this
article as he/she uses the first paragraph in bold writing with the
use of metaphor 'MAHOGANY IS MURDER (LINE 5)'. The metaphor not only
explains what is this leaflet all about (mahogany) but also the
harshness and brutality faced by Indian community of Brazil and the
cost they pay (gets murdered). The writer uses the word 'murder'
twice, just in the beginning of the leaflet, to gain sympathy from the

The writer is biased through out the leaflet and wants the readers to
help Friend of the Earth by joining them. The writer boosts up the
leaflet with a persuasive story of 1988, a story of murders in a very
dramatic way. The writer uses four years old data to persuade the
audience to do something to save Brazil's Amazonian Forests and the
Indians living there. The writer uses emotive language through out the
leaflet and specially in the story. The writer creates imagery of
horrifying images to gain the sympathy for Indian and hence to gain
the support for Friends of the Earth. The writer uses emotive
sentences like 'Fourteen Indians, including children, were killed
(Line20-22)' and 'timber cutter threw an Indian woman's baby into a
river where it drowned (Line75-77)'. The story also reflects
anti-government propaganda and shows that the government of Brazil is
not doing anything to save the murders of innocent Indians. This is
clearly shown in line 27-28, the writer...

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