The League Of Nations Doomed From The Word Go.

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The League of Nations was doomed to an absolute collapse from the word go. It didn't stand a chance in heaven of succeeding, as not only did it lack key countries, but also for the reason that it was incompetent and unorganised.The two countries which would have benefited the League of Nations the most, had they been a part of it, were America and Germany. America at the time was the most powerful country in the world and was seen as the epitome of what a country should be. It was, after all, the American president Woodrow Wilson who fabricated the League into being. The morale of all nations who actually joined the League would have been much higher had its founder actually taken part.As for Germany, we must not forget that the League of Nations is held together by and is made to enforce the Treaty of Versailles. A large percentage of the treaty solely focuses on how to punish Germany for World War 1, but also in the treaty it states that Germany is not allowed to enter the League of Nations. It would have made a lot more sense for Germany to be forced to enter the League so that it could have been kept a close eye on. The treaty of Versailles was also a liability to the League as it would always be associated in conjunction with it, especially by the Germans. This shows that should the treaty of Versailles be attacked or destroyed it would drag the League of Nations down with it.The League was incompetent as its powers were weak, and it had no army with to enforce its authority. What the league basically did with a country (country X) that was being ill-disciplined was to sit down with its leader and discuss all aspects of the current situation and formulate a compromise. If this didn't work, the league would make it known that country X is being a very bad country by condemning it globally, with the hopes of country X returning to its righteous ways from the shame. If even this somehow didn't work, the League...

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2139 words - 9 pages York: Holmes and Meier Publishers, Page 2] It was the first global system whose primary goal was to maintain world peace and stems from the ideas of Woodrow Wilson's fourteen points. It relied on a concept coined collective security in which all member states are concerned with the security of the others and the belief of collective universal disarmament. Regarding the creation of the league of nations, Northedge continues, ‘Its purpose was mainly

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593 words - 2 pages The League of Nations was created with the aim of linking up the world and making it a peaceful place, but there was a massive amount of problems that caused it to the road of failure, but why was is it doomed to fail?The primary factor that caused the League of Nations to fail was its leading countries. Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the president of America at the time was the one that brought up the idea of League of Nations, but they didn't even

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616 words - 2 pages The League of Nations was created from the Treaty of Versailles after WWI. However, unfortunately no countries were willing to create the League of Nations. They joined and created the League because Wilson, the president of one the strongest countries U.S, said he wanted to create a better world. So, the countries in the League seemed lacking of eagerness. How effective was the League of Nations, then?It was true that the League of Nations had

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492 words - 2 pages both were not willing to commit forces to events a long way from home and it seemed that Britain and France failed to commit to making tough decisions.Not all nations were members of the League. The USA never joined and this deprived the League of the support of the most powerful nation in the world. The League had no armed forces of its own, so it relied on collective security too often, this meant that nations looked to the League to take

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551 words - 2 pages The League of Nations managed to keep a lot of items going and introduced co-operation between countries in the 1920'sIn my opinion the League of Nations was a success I will discuss my reasons in this essay.The aims of the League of Nations were to discourage aggression, to encourage co-operation, disarmament and to improve working conditions for everyone in the world.The League of Nations was set up because after the First World War everyone

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1185 words - 5 pages Assessment of the Success of the League of Nations In 1914 war broke out in Europe. The war ended in 1918 and Germany solely blamed. The end of the war was signed with the treaty of Versailles. From the war was born the League of Nations; who helped nations resolve disputes peacefully without going to war. When the League was formed, the defeated nations were not invited to join. The League originally had forty-two

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540 words - 2 pages intent was to maintain a good relationship between all nations, and maintain harmony through their imposing power.The League of Nations was undoubtedly designed for the purpose of preventing another major scale war, or 'world war'. It set to go about this by uniting many of the major powers of the world to form an international framework. The League would be in a sense the judge of the world's disputes and settle matters peacefully without the

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1562 words - 6 pages problems around the world.The League of Nations was successful in maintaining a temporary democratic structure in unstable areas, whilst organising a more permanent solution. This was seen in 1921 in the Upper Silesia (on the border between Germany and Poland) with people from both nationalities. The two countries both wanted control, and a vote was organized by the League. The population was divided, so the League partitioned areas and built

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1545 words - 7 pages The President of America, Thomas Woodrow Wilson once stated: "It is not enough just to win the war. We must win it in such a way to keep the future peace of the world." Thus, he helped form the League of Nations in 1920. Theoretically, the establishment of the League of Nations was an excellent idea, for it attempted to prevent wars through discussions, improve people's lives, jobs and public health, ban slavery, and disarm the world in order to

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662 words - 3 pages What was the most stupid thing the League of Nations had done? We can choose the failure of the League in Manchurian crisis and Abyssinia crisis, because these became important cause of World War II. Thus, these two things were also very huge affairs in history.Manchurian crisis happened in 1931 through invasion of japan to Manchuria. (The cause of this crisis was desire of Japan to build on empire.) And this crisis results terrible things to

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691 words - 3 pages the League made were the Manchuria event and the Abyssinia event. In 1913, Japan invaded Manchuria because they wanted to get out of the depression. And during 1935-1936, Mussolini ignored what the League told him to do and invaded Ethiopia. And the other failure the League made was employment.The crisis in Abyssinia from 1935 to 1936 brought international tension nearer to Europe - the crisis in Abyssinia also drove Nazi Germany and Fascist

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1292 words - 5 pages then did what the League told them to do, leave Bulgaria. The League was very successful in this incident.The League of Nations was successful in the 20's, but by the 30's, the League was no longer taken seriously and therefore, it failed in the 30's. An example would be Japan invading Manchuria. In 1929, the Great Depression occurred and Japan was doomed. There were no resources available nor do the people have the money to buy their goods. Japan

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680 words - 3 pages agree with the League's decision. If this did not work, economic sanctions were to take place; none of the League's members can trade with that country until it agreed, although if this is still not working the League has to raise an army from member Nations and impose this decision by force. However, some countries refused to apply economic sanctions and use force if this affected their own economy, the league then had to rely with moral pressure