The Legacy Of The Analects Of Confucius

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Confucianism plays a curious role in life for those involved with the world, as such that it has been one of the most successful forms of guidelines for government and familial narrations throughout all history. Although The Analects have long been held closely to many, particularly to those of Chinese culture, it does by no means take religious form on behalf of its lack of commitment to any specific belief or dogma. In fact, Confucianism is capable to coalesce with any religion without being at variance to any conception of faith; in lieu, the words of Confucius categorize themselves by default as societal steadiness on a fulcrum of the two opposing planes good and amoral; a peak at which utopian and dystopian intersect creating an equilibrium of that which is humanity. In Confucius The Analects, the wholly righteous and the inflexibly good are those who wrongfully emit virtue into the void. 

In book 17, chapter XIII, Confucius states "Your honest countryman is the spoiler of morals." When I grazed this over, it immediately portrayed a contradiction that seemed completely nonsensical to me. It seemed bizarre to state that someones honesty is a cause to wilt moral. When I researched this sentence I found another translation of Confucius's words that read "The goody-goodies are the thieves of virtue." Interpreted, this means that there are two sides of the coin -- both sides of the quarter, though opposite in direction, are melted and pressed together to make the worth of twenty-five cents. Without George Washington on one side and an eagle on the other, it wouldn't be a quarter. Just as we have an embedded nature of honesty, cohesively, we have a nature to deceive. Without opposition to that of good virtue, it is only pertained in bare minimum. Just as a quarter has its trustworthy guarantee of symbolism accepted as a twenty-five cent representation, a person should perceive without strain, both good virtue and bad. All an action is, be it kind or hindered, or even in-between, is an inhaling interpretation of the retina. It goes unrealized how choreographed the body, environment, and even each molecule insists by each action. We can look around and see a shrub or a cat and it isn't questioned what these concepts are. This selection of Confucianism inherits the idea of grasping the purist form of interpretation that can only be retrieved inhumanly; the idea to, as a human, know things inhumanly; inadvertently by default, grow wont to both good and bad virtue to achieve ren -- a word for which the closest translation is whole-heartedness. To me, it commits to a sort of boys will be boys attitude. just as bad things happen to good people, the world is simply not in motion to sow havoc in its winds. But, occasionally, it just does by nature. From a birds-eye-view, this is a fundamentally good arrangement. Good virtue is not defined by honesty; in actuality, good virtue defines honesty.
I recall a story that was read to me when I was young. It was...

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