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The Legal Age For Drinking Alcohol Should Be Lowered To Eighteen

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Who first determined the legal age for drinking alcohol, and why is twenty-one the significant number? Interesting questions one may ask one-self. Although there are many reasons the drinking age should be lowered. However, only three will be discussed. Three reasons why eighteen should be the legal age to drink alcohol, because one can vote and serve in the military at that age, not all of the states in the US and other countries have specified twenty-one being the drinking age, and changing it will cut down young adults drinking.
The first reason why eighteen should be the legal age to drink is because one can vote and serve in the military at the same age. Dr. Ruth Engs ...view middle of the document...

In Asia, China changed theirs to eighteen in January of 2006. In Europe, countries such as Greece and Italy have lowered theirs to eighteen in 2013. All three of these countries have faced fewer alcohol related problems. According to Frantz (1997-2013), “You’re allowed to drink earlier in Europe so you can get used to experiences with alcohol earlier, so when you’re 18, you’re more responsible about it and can take care of yourself and your friends.” In the Americas, the US is the only country who insists twenty-one being the age, all of the rest have set it at eighteen, and some even as low as sixteen.
Young Adults
The third reason why eighteen should be the legal age to drink is because it will cut down young adults drinking. There are over twelve million young adults that drink annually, and most of them are younger than eighteen. One fifth of eighth graders reported being drunk at least once, and more than half of twelfth graders admitting to doing the same. By the end of high school, three out of four students have consumed alcohol. For example, college students have a ritual called “21 for 21” and it’s when a person celebrates their 21st birthday downing shots for every year of their life. Another illustration, on big games in college, the underclassmen drink alcohol excessively to the point where they can fall to their deaths off the balconies. One may say, “Young adults drinking could cause problems in the future.” Yes, it’s probably true. We are noticing more and more that young adults will continue to drink excessively too fast, too much, for wrong reasons, or even in a risky settings (Hanson, Heath, & Rudy, 1997-2013). However, we have...

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