The Legalization Of Drugs And The Consequences On Society

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The use of drugs by members of society is a problem for some individuals and a larger problem for the legal system. The use of drugs has created crime among the dealers of illegal substances in many forms, the classification of that substance determines the level of the crime, and with different charges the legal system acts accordingly. In the case of drugs and the legal systems, action against the use or distribution of those substances, many people have been incarcerated in the United States where the tax payers have to support the criminals that are housed for a period of time. In the United States over half a million individuals have been incarcerated for drug crimes and that number is growing annually. Society cannot continuously bare the burden of paying higher taxes to support the welfare of drug offenders if the number is only going to increase year after year. The suggestion has been made, which has been highly followed in some cases, that the use and distribution of illegal drug type substances should be legalized. The legalization of drugs, in various forms, is something that a large part of society do not have a problem supporting. The facts are that a large part of society use drugs on a fairly steady bases and that legalizing some forms of drugs could be beneficial to those individuals. The individuals that use drugs in society would not face jail time if caught and the ones that have been incarcerated would certainly be released, this would free up taxes to go toward other problems. It is theorized that legalization of drugs could get criminals off the streets and keep them out of jail so that the tax payers could pay less or the taxes could go toward more useful areas of focus. Many believe that legalization of drugs should be done so that drugs could be taxed to bring in additional revenue, but that is not without consequences. The consequences of legalizing drugs could be vast and it is proven that drugs destroy lives. Society cannot not be expected to be able to control what will happen if drugs were legalized because the effects and addictive power of drugs are uncontrollable by the majority.
Among the reason why drugs are illegal one should stand out, Illegal drugs are illegal because they are harmful, and that should be reason enough to make society understand the consequences of drug use. The problem is that there is a growing misconception that illegal drugs can be taken safely, such as marijuana, but the truth is that not enough scientific research has been done to support the theory that marijuana is safe. Arguments for marijuana being a safe drug and should be legalized have ranged from many different areas but the most popular one is that it is used by doctors. The argument that marijuana is used in medicine has been brought forth in almost every argument for the drug but there is a problem with this argument that most supporters do not take the time to uncover. According to the Institute of Medicine, there is...

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