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The Legalization Of Marijuana Is Not All Bad

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Legalizing Marijuana would have numerous positive effects on our state, but two of the most known effects have been on making the government revenue and minimizing overpopulation of prisons. Legalization of Marijuana includes getting rid of the criminal part of it and taxation, along with rules and regulations. Some of these rules and regulations include at what age it is legal to use, traffic laws, and workplace laws. Although very few states have even made the use of Marijuana legal, the benefits have been shown to be much greater than the risks.
A large percent of today’s prison and parole or the probation population are charged with minor Marijuana offenses. These crimes ...view middle of the document...

As for workplace regulations, each workplace has their own set of rules about coming to work high, but it is generally looked at negatively at the workplace. Ross Winston asked the question, "but how stoned is too stoned? Marijuana stays in the system for hours after one toke and can impair the person depending on how they react to it". Whether legal or not, this will remain a problem with people who intake Marijuana before, during, or after work. This is something that the state must figure out if and when legalizing.

As of now, the state is losing money fighting Marijuana. If it were to be legalized, they would make billions of dollars annually on taxation. Stores will start selling it like they do liquor, and they will hike the prices and taxes because people are going to buy it no matter what the price, and the state will get a large chunk of that revenue. Julie Bindel says that, "two grams from the store, he tells me, cost him $37, more than twice as much as he usually pays"[on the street] "the tax foundation , a think tank, estimates that the state will raise almost $70 million in new taxes this year" However, there is a downside to this. The high prices due to taxes may cause drug gangs to sell it at a lower price from other countries, which would affect the state’s revenue. Jonathan Caulkins says that, "illegal interstate "exports" could depress Marijuana prices throughout the United States"
One concern that is always raised about legalizing Marijuana is that kids may have easier access to it and think it is “ok” to use. Bettina Friese says that, "Interventions to prevent youth Marijuana use should focus on adult norms regarding use...

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