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For many years and in many countries same sex marriage was ignored not tolerated by many. It took a few years and after many debates Spain legalized same sex marriage on July 03, 2005. After many years under the governmental control of Gen. Francisco Franco and the Roman Catholic Church who so quickly put the ban on gay marriage. Once the Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero became the leader of the nations socialist party he immediately began the campaign for this world wide issue. Through research I will discuss my findings on the statistics on this issue, the pros and cons and of course how the community and the church reacted to this new law that equalizes same sex marriage.
Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero became the prime minister in 2004 and in 2005 he legalized the rights that also included same sex marriage couples to adopt. Zapatero legalizing same sex marriage was tragic for the church but allowing them to adopt was a different level of fury. In 2007 he also passed a law for gender identity law allowing transsexuals to marry the same sex or the opposite and also have children. When Zapatero legalized same sex marriage Spain became the third country in the world to allow same sex marriage. The law was passed by the Cortes Generales which is Spains bicameral parliament composed of the state and congress of deputies. The new law created much debate but was supported by 66% of the population and it was mainly the church who opposed the new law.
The Roman Catholics believes that same sex marriage was weakening the true biblical meaning of marriage, while others were concerned about the same sex couples having children and adopting, the law had been challenged by the conservatice party but was denied.
During the first year of the new law about 4,000 couples all over Spain had been married, and with the rise in numbers of couples married they soon began to question the legal status of those non- citizens and their right hood to live in Spain. After much investigation the Justice Ministry decided that a non-Spaniard may marry a Spain citizen regardless of the other persons country allowing same sex marriage, and that two non- Spaniards may marry in Spain if they have legal residency in this country. There had been many cities in Spain that allowed civil unions between same sex couples but the act was not a unity of the two like marriage, but was more so just a symbol to try and fool the citizens that they were all being treated equal. In 2004 when the socialist party decided to legalize same-sex marriage, the decided they would finally allow homosexual couples the same beniftis, status, and equality as heterosexual couples. When the new Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero gave his speech he stated” "The moment has finally arrived to end once and for all the intolerable discrimination which many Spaniards suffer because of their sexual preferences. (...) As a result, we will modify the Civil Code to recognize their...

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