The Legallization Of Marijuana For Medical Use

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In my opinion marijuana needs to be legalized for medical uses. In the following paragraphs, I am going to show you the pros and cons to legalizing marijuana for medical use. There are many studies showing that marijuana is just as affective in treating certain aliments as regular prescription drugs are and might be a little safer on the body.As early as the fifteenth century, marijuana has been recognized as having medical properties(Marijuana and Health, Fifth Annual Report p. 118-119). The modern use of marijuana for therapeutic reasons started about 140 years ago when O'Shaughnessy reported on its effectiveness as an analgesic and anticonvulsant. About the same time Moreau de Tours described its use in [phychiatric] illnesses. Those who saw favorable results observed that cannabis produced sleep, enhanced appetite, and did not cause physical addiction(Marijuana and Health, Fourth Annual Report pp.71- 102). The list of medical uses of cannabis from historical references includes: Anorexia, Asthma, Nausea, Pain, Peptic Ulcer, Alcoholism, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Depression, Migraine, Anxiety, Inflammation, Hypertension, Insomnia, and Cancer(Mechoulam, S., Lander, N., Dikstein, S., Carlini, E.A., and Blumenthal, M. (1976).There are currently only eleven states, Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington, that have passed laws exempting patients who use cannabis(marijuana) under a physician's supervision from state criminal penalties.(, State Laws Authorizing Physician-Supervised Use Of Marijuana Unaffected By Ruling 06/06/05). There is limited research being done on marijuana because it is a schedule one narcotic, meaning that it is highly addictive. While on the other hand cocaine and morphine, which are also schedule one narcotics, are being prescribed everyday to patients. Every medication that a doctor prescribes has the potential to become addictive.I recently spoke with a gentleman who is prescribed marijuana for medical reasons. He started using it in Feb. of '92 to help treat arthritis, chronic pain and his PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder). He states "there are a multitude of medical problems which benefit from the THC(delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) in marijuana." He continues by saying " the arthritis and other chronic pains would be to great to function and more medicines would only stave off the pain until I would have to be an in-patient."Even with the scientific information there are still people who believe the marijuana has no place in medicine. Senator Bill Frist stated "although I understand many believe marijuana is the most effective drug in combating their medical ailments, I would caution against this assumption due to the lack of consistent, repeatable scientific data available to prove marijuana's medical benefits." He also believes that there are less dangerous medicines offering the same relief from pain and other medical symptoms(10/20/03). Senator...

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Paper for my health class assessing the use of medical marijuana. I received an A on this paper. My sources are listed at the end.

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1614 words - 6 pages momentous action by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, approval was made for the purchase; thus making it probable that thousands of Veterans suffering from PTSD will finally get the medication they need. This is a pivotal change in the government’s past policy of not approving the purchases of medical Marijuana for the research on the use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes (Perrone). Every day twenty-two veterans suffering from Post

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1875 words - 8 pages marijuana for medicinal purposes, but those numbers totaled less than thirty patients by March 1992 , according to Grinspoon. Only four of those patients remain able to obtain marijuana legally to relieve their suffering today (Ford & Ludlum, 2010). By the year 1994, Missouri became one of thirty-five states in the United States—New Mexico was the first—that had enacted voter-approved legislation to allow patients the use of medical cannabis

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