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The Legend Of Big Tree Warrior

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The Legend of Big Tree Warrior
Once there was a great Native Indian tribe named Impauwaka, known for their gift of the most fertile land of the Earth. They were lead by a strong, brave, yet quiet leader named Big Tree Warrior, whose ancestors led their civilization to beautiful land countless moons ago. Young children cleaned fresh vegetables by wide open fields of golden grains. Fathers hunted at dusk on the distant planes, when the buffalo were lulled into peaceful rest by the glorious sunset. Every piece of the buffalo was used to please the Earth. Mothers fixed hide into cloaks for each member of the village. Sons took hatches to the trees, bringing back enough wood for the evening fire. ...view middle of the document...

The Impauwakans would soon learn that while the Earth has been more and more plentiful, their hearts would be filled with more and more greedy desires.
Chapter two
In as little as two full moons, the Impauwaka tribe would begin to notice changes all around them. Soon, the cattle groups were vanishing nearly as instantaneously as the trees were chopped. Fields of grain lost their nutrients from overuse, turning the once rich, dark brown soil to dust. With the loss of the land and all of its resources, the Impauwaka people fell into a deep famine. Chief Leader, Big Tree Warrior, finally rose from his tent and ordered the tribe to pack up their little belongings they had left. The Impauwakans were in shock- for only two of the oldest tribal members have ever heard him speak. Because of this, they knew that what he was planning must have been important. He led them out of familiar grounds into crowded forests and large fields, forcing their pace into a sprint in the darkness and a quick tread upon sunrise. Over time, his people grew weaker and weaker as the moons turned on, but the tribe knew better than to disobey their leader. So, they pressed on with increasingly heavy legs and cramping stomachs. That is, until young Tall Drum became the first to consult the great Chief. They passed over a soft plot of green earth when the little boy asked, “Big Tree Warrior, let us live here. The ground is soft and good. We will live strong again. Let us settle here.” Big Tree Warrior’s only response was a slight pause followed by a faster tread.
Every morning and every night, Tall Drum repeated these questions to Big Tree Warrior. Finally, the strong leader turned to the boy with clenched fists. He struck the boy across his face, and banished him into the woods. The Impauwaka tribe stood silently and watched the boy walk further and further into the trees until he became one with the leaves and wood. His mother said no words, and the tribe pressed on. That night, the moon rose and fell faster. Every time Big Tree Warrior heard the slightest sigh from an elder or a child’s whimper, he would strike them. He removed their beads then banished them from the tribe. One by one the tribe would unknowingly upset their leader; whether it was a cough in a dusty plane or a sniff from an ill elder. Big Tree Warrior led his tribe faster and longer without rest or water and soon he found himself barking orders at the wind.
Chapter Three
Big Tree Warrior was abandoned on his quest by those that had trusted him and his ancestors for hundreds of years. Alone, starving, and exhausted, the man who was no longer anyone’s leader fell to the Earth and wept. He wept for the loss of his village, but mostly for the loss of his people. He had always admired their hard work to run the land; so much so that he was secretly afraid to open his mouth and fault their efficiency. Big Tree Warrior dug his fists into the clay in frustration and threw it into the sky. He collapsed on the ground...

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