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The Legend Of The Treegap Spring

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The legend of how Treegap Spring became enchanted has never been revealed, until now.
Treegap was nothing but trees and a spring. No one lived there, no one knew what "Treegap" was until two boys discovered it. Sick of all the rules at home, Mike and Joey, two eleven year olds decided to run away. Little did they know about what was coming.
The early vivid sunlight shone through the paned windows of the small brick home sparking like a diamond. Mike and Joey were ready. Their parents weren't awake so it was the perfect time for them to escape. They set off on their adventure with no maps, no food,water, or shelter.
"Where exactly are we going?" Mike asked his brother.
Joey looked up at ...view middle of the document...

They lived on the far side of "Treegap". Mike and Joey had not seen their house. That is because it's hidden. Rosina and Gwendolyn hollowed out a tree and put all their potions and evil possessions in there. They were spying on Mike and Joey, every move they would make, the witches would record.
"Gwendolyn!" Rosina said to Gwendolyn eyeing the boys. "We need to get rid of them!
They are on our property!"
"Maybe we could poison the spring!" Gwendolyn said smiling! "Since they drunk some
of the water, they will have to get more!"
Mike and Joey were by a tree asleep. The moon shone like a spotlight. Rosina and
Gwendolyn were ready! The inside of the tree was dark. It made it challenging for Rosina and Gwendolyn to see what the potions were. Gwendolyn picked up a clear liquid with the label "E.P." Gwendolyn thought she picked up the "Everyday Poison" but she was wrong.

She had picked up "Everlasting Potion" which made anyone or anything that it was poured on live forever!
Rosina and Gwendolyn walked to the spring snickering quietly. They were ready to
poison intruders! Gwendolyn clenched the bottle and took of the cork top and slowly poured it into the spring. They snickered and crept back to their tree trying not to wake Mike and Joey!
The next morning the vivid sunlight shone through the trees. Mike, Joey, Rosina and Gwendolyn were fast asleep until the birds trilled their morning songs. That woke all of them up. Mike and Joey suddenly felt thirsty and they headed to the spring. They drank the water with Rosina and Gwendolyn watching them snickering. They drank bottle fulls of water which was enough to kill them. Rosina and Gwendolyn waited a few minutes for them to scream and die, in the middle of “Treegap”. For some reason Mike and Joey did not die! They acted perfectly fine.
“Look Rosina! The boys did not die!” Gwendolyn said confusedly to Rosina.
“I know! Are you sure you put the right potion in the spring?” Rosina said to Gwendolyn.
The witches flew off on their brooms and Mike and Joey returned and discovered the potions! Mike picked up a potion.
“What is that?” Joey asked him.
“I do not know, some time of bottle with...

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