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The Legitimate Presidency Of Porfirio Lobo

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The ex-president of Honduras Manuel “Mel” Zelaya started his presidential term on January 27th of 2006. A member of the political party named Partido Liberal de Honduras (Liberal Party of Honduras); he started his term talking about wanting to fight violence, poverty and corruption. He also wanted to improve the social and economic status of Honduras (Ortiz de Zárate). During his first year of presidency, Mel Zelaya tried to improve the economic situation by negotiating with Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, about the oil supply, and with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to consolidate the external debt. In 2008, Honduras became part of the ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas), but Hondurans were divided about that decision because they did not want to become socialist (“Biografía de Zelaya”). The elections for a new president were scheduled for November of 2009, and Zelaya started talking about seeking re-election but under Honduras’s Constitution a president can only be in power for one term of four years. Zelaya tried to hold a referendum to change the Constitution to get re-elected and remain in power. On June 28th 2009, there was going to be an official public poll in which people would vote whether or not to have the fourth ballot box. This would mean that people would agree for the Constitution to be changed, in order for Zelaya to run for re-election. The Honduras Supreme Court declared the referendum illegal. Still, Zelaya was illegally going to distribute the ballots in order for people to vote (Ortiz de Zárate). That day President Zelaya was “kidnapped,” or arrested by the military-led coup, depending which side you take, and was ousted and exiled to Costa Rica. Honduras did not have a president, and the next in line was the President of the Congress, Roberto Micheletti. As the Constitution stated, the Congress named him as the President of the de facto government until January 27 of 2010, when Zelaya’s term ended (Ortiz de Zárate). Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo Sosa won the presidential election in November of 2009, and for the Partido Nacional de Honduras (National Party of Honduras), the opposite party of Zelaya. Many Hondurans and countries did not want to accept him as the new and legitimate president.
In my opinion, it is legitimate because the campaigns had already started before the coup happened; therefore, the elections were still scheduled for November 2009 and campaigns were already circulating on the TV, newspaper, Internet and other media sources. Zelaya was ousted and exiled illegally, and then the de facto government took charge. Even though the arrest was not legal and was handled as it was supposed to be, the candidates were already chosen and promoting their campaign. All the legal steps and procedures were followed during the elections, and President Lobo was elected legally.
The international community did not want to recognize the newly elected president. They argued that they would not recognize him...

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