The Lesson Of My Life Essay

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Mistakes have the potential to change people’s life.

I make mistakes, so does everyone! Neither those mistakes are good or bad. No one is born without knowing everything. Education, family and time management are the three mistakes I have learned. They are considered to be environmentally friendly and harness natural processes. They help to negate the effects of certain forms of dangers. They became the lessons of my life.

As a teenager, I do not want to study. I am stubborn and lazy. I hate to wake up so early every morning. It bothers me a lot. I never get enough sleep. Homework, assignments, projects have become piles of mountains. I often thought about suicide myself. I try to kill ...view middle of the document...

I am terrible! I am extremely sorry for causing only troubles to you. I am sorry for shouting at you. I am sorry for being stubborn. I am sorry for being dishonest. I am sorry for causing chaos. I am sorry to create a bad reputation for you. I am so sorry to make you cry. Please forgive me on behalf of my behaviors. I am such an awful son. Oh, mom and dad, I understand how you feel for me. Why don’t you abandon me for making your life tough? A bad son like me should have been kicked out of the house. I am stupid! I am careless! Oh, my Buddha! I could not stop myself from crying. Dear mom and dad, I love you so much. You never give up your hopes on my education. You build heavy barriers protecting me from the outside world.

Without you guys, I would not have survived until today. I would have been involved with drugs. I would have been involved with gangsters. I would have been involved with crimes. I would have been addicted myself to the dark world. It is like when deer’s parents aren’t taking enough care of the baby deer. So, the baby deer are left to slaughter by tigers. Mom and dad, I am extremely sorry. I know you aren’t there during my graduation day, daddy. You seem so far away from me. I really miss you. Your absence gives me the strength to keep going. I never realize how important you are to me. I could not imagine a day without you. I could not imagine how I can live without you. You give me such a precious gift which I cannot accept. You taught me a lifetime lesson. You taught me how valuable family is. I understand why you never shout back at me. I understand why you never hit me. I understand why you always let others do the works for me. I understand why you keep buying me gifts. I understand why you always follow me. I understand why you come to rescue me when I am in trouble. You are my hero! You are my savior! You are the greatest person on this planet! I could not find anybody as great as you are, mom and dad. I have nothing to say. All I can do is to cry. Dear Buddha, can you tell me how to repay such a heavy sin? I really miss my father. When he is alive, I never ever bother to ask, “How are you today, daddy?” I act like a gangster. I never study hard. I always get in trouble at school. I always skip classes. I always involve with toy guns. I always hit on girls. The distance between my father and I are really far away. I barely know my father well. I felt regret now. I...

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