The Lewis And Clark Expedition: Sacagawea

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“ Everything I do is for my people” (Quotes From Sacagawea?). This fun loving naturalist that liked to help others was way more of a hero then she appears to be.
Sacagawea, or also referred to as Sacagawea with a “g” or Sacakawea with a “k”, is known for her history in the Lewis and Clark expedition.(Sacajawea) She was born in Lemhi Mountains, which is now called Idaho, in 1788. She was the daughter of the Chief of the Indian Tribe, Shoshone. When she was 12 years old in 1800, she was kidnapped by the Hidasta Indian Tribe and taken to North Dakota. The Hidasta Indians also took several others along with her, and raided her Tribe from their stuff, killing a few people. A year after her arrival she was bought or gambled by a French-Canadian fur trapper, Toussaint Charbonneau, he made her his wife along with all his other “wives”. When she was 16, in 1804, she had gotten pregnant. By that time Lewis and Clark were setting up camp for the winter in Fort Mandan and had hired her husband as a translator. They later learned that Sacagawea spoke Shoshone and Hidasta, so they then asked her to join them, and she gladly accepted. “The soil as you leave the heights of the mountains becomes gradually more fertile. the land through which we passed this evening is of an excellent quality tho very broken, it is a dark grey soil” (quotes Lewis as he travels through Idaho Country.)
Sacagawea had her first born child, a boy, name Jean Baptiste Charbonneau in February 1805, who accompanied her on her journeys. Clark was fond of her new baby boy so he nicknamed him “Pomp” or “Pompey”, meaning “First Born”. (Sacagawea Lesson)
In the spring of 1805 the Lewis and Clark expedition decides to take off.
But on there way a sudden storm approaches and nearly tips their boat, but Sacajawea manages to save some of the documents.(Sacagawea Lesson)
On June 3, 1805 they reach the Marias River where Sacajawea helps trade with the Shoshone Indian Tribe for their horses.
This is where Sacajawea met her brother, Cameachwait, which was now the leader of their Tribe. They had a happy reunion together meeting each other. They hadn’t seen each other for 5 years, since Sacajawea went on the expedition.
“Shortly after Captain Clark arrived with the Interpreter Charbono, and the Indian woman, who proved to be a sister of the Chief Cameahwait. The meeting of those people was really affecting, particularly between Sacajawea and an Indian woman who had been taken prisoner at the same time with her, and who had afterwards escaped …and rejoined her nation” (Lewis).
After they had traded with the Shoshone they resumed their journey on the Columbia River on October 6 in 1805. On their way in November 8, 1805, they first see the Pacific Ocean where they decide to set up camp for the winter.
Most of Sacajawea’s life is depicted in the journal writings. But people have managed, over the years, to try to solve out her life. She supposedly had a daughter named Lisette who died in her...

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