The Liberal, Radical, And Conservative Stages In The French And Russian Revolutions

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The Liberal, Radical, and Conservative Stages in the French and Russian Revolutions

First I want to say that both beginnings of the French and Russian Revolutions have two major similarities, Economic crisis and Constitutional Monarch governments. Second I think that all revolutions have three stages. I think the French Revolution did go through the three stages but I don’t think that the Russian Revolution had the same three stages. I think in the French Revolution you can clearly see the liberal in the Constitution of 1791, the radical in the Constitution of 1793, and the conservative in the Constitution of 1795. In the Russian Revolution the stages are hidden in February and October Revolutions and the their Civil War.
Well you can start off with Russia in 1915 before all the revolutions. Nicholas II, a very incompetent leader, and not the smartest one either during a time of bad economic crisis. So that didn’t help the government at all, not to mention they were fighting in WWI with half of the skilled workers fighting. While fighting in WWI, Nicholas thought that the troops would fight harder if he were leading them. While Nicholas was fighting he left Tsarina Alexandra in charge of Russia. The problem with this is that she made horrible decisions, partly because of Rasputin (a monk, or faith healer), She would hear different sides of the argument and then the last person to talk to her would make her mind up for her. So Rasputin would basically just wait to be the last person to talk to her so that way he could get stuff done in the government. But this earned him a bad reputation and got him assassinated. This would lead to increasing problems and the start of a revolution.
The February Revolution (really in March) starts when Nicholas abdicates on March 15, 1917. The provisional government rules from March to November, which is the old duma that Nicholas created. Here is where you see the rise in the soviets power. But this does nothing for the country, they still have the problems of fighting a war, no food supply, and they won’t redistribute land. Then Lenin and the Bolshevik party write the April Theses (“Peace, Bread, Land”). Lenin also takes control of the soviets, which is important because they are the skilled workers.
The October Revolution (really November) comes around because the Provisional government was defeated and the Bolsheviks start to take over cities, first at St. Petersburg and then Moscow. But they manage to sign a treat of Brest-Litovsk but they give up the best part of Russia in the treaty.
The Russian Civil War starts out in 1917 and lasts until 1921. In the war the communists have the popular support and a unified army. This makes them unstoppable in the civil war, and they end up winning and setting up Moscow as their capital. The Reds (communists) were very right wing conservatives.
Now before France had their revolutions they had a Constitutional Monarchy just like Russia with Louis XVI and...

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