The Liberal Studies Major At San Francisco State University

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The Liberal Studies Major at San Francisco State University classes has been inspirational for me. In Spring 2009, I began my studies with the Communication and Speech 351. The class focuses was on Political Speeches by Famous Presidents and Civil Rights Leaders about the History of America. We wrote speeches sharing a small part of your life experiences with each.

The lesson I learned in Biology 318 The Endangered Planet was the destruction of Planet Earth and the effects it is experiencing. The effects on different species habitat being threaten the butterflies, the birds, the beetles, and the polar bears because of humans' activities.

The Africanas 304 The Black People and The American Experience gave me the opportunity to use the History of the African Americans in America. To create a Newsletter that reflects the African Americans by using my skills as a Graphic Designer. To be able to Profile of African American Designers in 1970's who lives in South Carolina who has become successful entrepreneurs.

The Africanas 400 Black Art and Humanities was a reminder for me to remember African Americans contributions in the world of Art in America. The History of Famous Black Artists like Bessie Smith, Lena Horne, James Baldwin, Tupac Amaru Shakur, Alvin Ailey, Paul Robeson, and many other Black Artists contributions to Humanities in America. The course gave me the opportunity to use my artistic skills to perform on stage for The Black History Month 2009 celebration At SFSU. My performance was a contribution as an Artist to share my personal poetry for the second time in the City of San Francisco.

The Africanas 335 The Black Women Culture, I studied the History of Black Women like Mary Mcleod Bethune, Ida B. Wells, Zora Neale Hurston and other who fought for the equal rights for education. The course showed the contributions of African American Women, from slavery to today. I enjoy the assignment with an interview of the history on a person 20 years older than myself.

The AAS322 The Chinese American Literature educated me on the American Asian History and their relationships with American culture in San Francisco. The Literature of the Poetry "my ship does not need a helsmsman" by Alan C. Lau the Story "The Wisdom of the New" by Sui Sin Far and "China Boy" by Gus Lee that expressed their unhappiness with Chinese Americans in America, gave me a better understand my relationship with them as an African American Woman reading their experiences. I learn from the class why we are in conflict with each other. The visual Literatures taught me the what America's effects changed some of the Chinese Immigrant. In "Mulan" it showed changes with the Chinese and...

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