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The Liberal Workers Affairs Party is your way to a better future in American politics. We believe in the reconstruction of our government by working as a whole community. We, the members of this party consider very important the reinforcement of women rights in society, the distribution of immigration reforms, education as our priority, health care benefits to the working class and finally national defenses to maintain the safety of this country. These principles and ideas are carefully chosen because we are really concerned about individual rights.
Unites States of America needs representatives like us because we have the solutions to American’s political problem. Every citizen is looking for the key to all of these closed doors such as the unemployment, cut of government spending, discrimination against homosexuals, and racism. Many people have argued about whether or not this country needs these types of laws, but in our opinion this issues have to be fixed to save the power that democracy gives to every voter.
Here in the United States a lot of injustice is provoking inequality between males and females. Females are not being taken in account as they deserve. Even though, women are becoming more liberal, there still is a taboo, which implies that women are not capable to run position as a president. They need the opportunity of showing that they can be the head as well as represent a country or company. An article that supports this is “Sojourner Truth” in which an African slave woman is talking about women’s right and how women and men have the same ability to perform any type of work. She supported her thesis as follow “I could work as much and eats as much as a man and bear the lash.” In other words, she could do anything, but it does mean that she was not considered to be a woman for her hard work. Another example is presented in the Michael Barbaro’s article about women in the recent campaign with Mr. Paladino. He mentioned that “any of the candidates neither Mr.Paladino nor Mr. Cuomo selected a woman as his running mate or campaign manager, and the ranks of their operations are dominated by men.” In other words, these two candidates are putting women outside the political zone.
Also, as a representative of the United States, I promise that the immigrants will have better benefits. They will have the opportunity of studying as any other citizen of this country. Our goods cannot be made without educated people. Now days more people are quitting school to work because it is becoming hard for them to study. Our schools and colleges will have day care for those that cannot keep studying due to the fact that they have to take care of their children. Also, I understand that students are getting tired because they are receiving classes that have nothing to do with their major and they choose to dropout rather than "continue wasting their time." People with financial problem will have more opportunities to qualify for financial aid. If...

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