The Libyan Conflict In Comparison To The Second World War (Written In 2011)

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The Libyan conflict in comparison to the Second World WarWhen hearing the news about the protests and conflicts in Tunisia and Egypt, I immediately saw links to the Second World War. It is now a few months later, and the protest has spread. Now the situation shows other differences and similarities with the situation about seventy-five years ago. One of the striking elements is that Hitler and many Arabic leaders show similar ways of ruling.So, when you compare the Arabic revolts and conflicts with the Second World War, you can conclude that people cannot be suppressed by their leaders forever.How long have people been suppressed, and why?Both Hitler and the Arabic leaders use fear to suppress the people. In Germany, Hitler arrested people when they helped Jews, which stopped people who were not against Jews from helping them. Hitler could do this for only about five years in Germany and the countries he conquered, but the Arabic leaders have been bringing fear to their people for many years. But how could these leaders suppress their people like this? Why did the people not react immediately?The two leaders that I chose to compare are the ones who, I think, belong to the most important conflicts and protests. Firstly, in Libya, where the conflict has escalated and the UN is intervening, Muammar Gaddafi is in power for about 42 years now. Secondly, Adolf Hitler led Germany from March 1933 till April 1945, a period of "only" 12 years. Gadaffi came to power by promising the people nice things, and he could rule this long because of the fear he brought to people. Everyone who did not agree to him was executed. People were very afraid of him, but when they did start to protest, Gadaffi told the people he could not resign, because he did not have any position like president-ship to resign from!Hitler came to power by promising everyone jobs and a better life after Germany had descended into the crisis and people were upset over the fact that they lost WWI and the treaty of Versailles. He also used fear, everyone who did not give the Nazi salute would be punished and all opposition was destroyed.Why is there such a big difference?In WWII, Hitler could not just go his way. There were other countries, such as Britain and the USA, who were not occupied by the Germans or any of their allies, who tried to end his rule. There was an underground movement which was helped by radio-broadcasts from elsewhere. Eventually, the allied forces ended the war and with that Hitler's rule.In Libya, other countries have never really reacted to Gadaffi's dictatorship. Other countries in North Africa did not stand up against it, mainly because... they also had or have dictators. If you are a dictator yourself, it would be very illogical to stand up against a dictator in another country and help the people there. The rest of the world has never really intervened, because they just got their oil and other resources from Libya, but did not really have anything to do with the...

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