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Chapter One
I suppose if you’re reading this certain account written by yours truly, then you want to discover who saved the world of Verold, thousands of years ago, from that foul, unspeakable event you can never convince your parents to discuss or even acknowledge.
It’s an odd story truly. Amongst the many myths and legends of the race of Man—they call themselves humans now. I suppose feminism has really stepped up its game in these long years.—none is quite like this one. This book’s heroes and heroines are five young—and mostly normal—adults. They are not heroes, thieves, or princesses, or infallible warriors with hearts of steel, or are they discovered to have really been extravagantly special all along even though you thought they were completely average. You can probably now tell why the tale of their feat is not told in pretty songs or those odd moving pictures with sound. Who wants to read about normal people saving the world? Personally, I’d love to, but I’m not a human so don’t trust my opinions.
Well, they mostly did, at least. I suppose it would be beneficial to begin telling the story rather than blathering on like a madman about things you can’t possibly understand without first reading the tale, so let it begin.
Our story starts with the race of Man.
First, I’ll share with you some history about them. They were the last of the races to come about, and there were forty-two—twenty-one men, twenty-one women—each created thoughtfully and carefully by the deity they call Skappaverr; man-creator. These forty-two persons wandered the world before settling into the grassy land of Ironhedge—which became the capital of the country that the humans call home in our tale—where they lived together harmoniously. Soon enough, everyone began pairing off, as most species do. They were happy, and they lived their lives through, planting crops, building homes, and breeding like rabbits.
Men were created to live long and prosperous lives for hundreds of years. Some lucky ones were even know to exist for a thousand. That was before the first Great War started.
They call it the ‘Great War’. It was one of their weaker ones, in my opinion.

It began when the original founders got into a large and heated dispute. Their leader for the longest time was Karn the Wise, one of the original forty-two, of course, and aptly named, as he had led them into what they refer to now as the Silver Age. The people were happy under his rule, but some of original forty-two were not.
The reasons the ‘rebels’ and their leader, Arnbjorg, wanted to have a fair duel to determine the true ruler are not what I’m going to go into now, because they’re currently unimportant, but you’ll find them out later.
Nine of the original couples sided with Karn and his wife, while nine of the couples sided with Arnbjorg, and her husband.
So Karn agreed to duel. The fight was hand-to-hand, and Arnbjorg was more adept at that sort of combat than he was, so she won. He was defeated, and...

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