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The Life An Writings Of Mark Twain

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On November 30th , 1835 , in Florida, Missouri the prolific American author Samuel Longhorne Clemens was born. More commonly referred to by his pseudonym, Mark Twain has become one of the most recognizable authors ever . Twain's rise to fame is merely a tessera in his life, four other epochs of Twain's life are; his early years, Twain's young adulthood, financial decline, and his late life.

At the age of four, Samuel moved from Florida ,Missouri to Hannibal ,Missouri. Missouri, being a state four only 13 years had become heavily dependent on slave labor. While his father only owned one slave , his uncle owned a farm and owned several. As a child Samuel spent his summers on his uncles farm , and had come to enjoy tall tales and slave spirituals. In 1847 , when Samuel was 11, his father died. Soon after , he left school. Holding only a fifth grade education Samuel had found his first vocation at a newspaper. His job was to arrange the letters on each press. This allowed him to earn a decent salary and to read about local and global affairs. This sparked an initial interest in writing.( )

In 1854, Clemens moved to the north and wrote for local newspapers in both New York and Pennsylvania . Three years later, after moderate success in journalism, Clemens returned to his previous home to become a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi river. His initial destination was South America, but he stopped in New Orleans and ended up as a riverboat pilot,hence the name-Mark Twain, a piloting term which means “two fathoms”(Http:// ). This occupation came to an end ion 1861 with the beginning of the civil war. For a two week period , Samuel was a volunteer in a confederate unit named the Marion Rangers. Later that year Orion, Samuel's brother, invited him to Nevada . Brought by the idea of striking silver during the Nevada silver rush, Clemens journeyed by stage coach from Missouri to Nevada. During the trip he met Native Americans and several other interesting people, this coupled with the letdown of the trip became inspiration for a few short stories. Shortly after his failed career as a silver prospector Samuel began to write for a paper called the Territorial Enterprise. The only noteworthy aspects of this is that it was the first time he used the pen name “Mark Twain”. Later Clemens went to California and wrote for a few local newspapers. In 1865, Samuel had his first taste of fame when his short story “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog “ was published . The story had such a superb reception that he was offered a position from the Sacramento Union . He was sent to Hawaii to report , these reports were so popular that he began a tour upon his return to the continental United States. After being employed by Alta California and a few New York newspapers Clemens went to the Holy Land to report. These accounts became his first book The Innocents Abroad published in 1869. While on...

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