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The Life And Achievements Of American President, Calvin Coolidge

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Calvin Coolidge was a president who wasn’t really known for as much as what he did, as what he didn’t do. So why was Calvin Coolidge known as the “do-nothing” president?
The road to presidency was not a hard road for Coolidge to come by. He was born on the 4th of July in the summer of 1872 at Vermont. His father was a jack -of- all- trades, but was later known to be an exceptional politician. Coolidge was brought up in a very idealistic family. His religious affiliation was vague, since the majority of America was Protestant at that time; it is believed that his family religion was Protestant as well. Also instilled in him at an early age were “attributes of caution, dependability, fairness, honesty, industry, thrift, tolerance, and unpretentiousness, and a belief in man’s perfectibility.” Coolidge’s beliefs came mostly from his mother and from his home life and the democratic neighborhood of Plymouth Notch. It will be in his college years that the Ideas of frugality and caution are reinforced when he attended college at Amherst College in Massachusetts. It is these beliefs which will guide him for the rest of his life both politically and socially.
His years in Amherst gave Coolidge “an understanding of culture, and strengthened him toward civic service and also persuaded him of the necessity of stability and harmony in the affairs of men.” He graduated with honors and became a scholar with an interest in law. In 1895, he became a lawyer in the offices of John Hammond and Henry Field. He never prospered as an attorney, but did earn enough to be financially independent in a short period of time. Coolidge’s association with Hammond and Field led him into politics, which was his second profession. Politics came easily for Coolidge because of his father being a frequent officeholder in Vermont and because of this Coolidge was a willing political apprentice. During 1896 and 1897, Coolidge was active in the Republican Party and in 1898 won the nomination and election as city councilman. From then on until his retirement from the presidency he was seldom out of public office.
In 1906, Coolidge was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives. During his two one-year terms in the House, Coolidge made very little impression to his fellow members, but his record shows he might have been mildly progressive. In 1909, he became Mayor of Northampton; in 1911 he was sent to the state Senate, where he became the Republican leader. His creed while in the Senate seemed to be”something for everybody,” as long as it did not cost too much. In 1918, Coolidge was elected governor, Coolidge’s time spent as governor is what made him a hero to the American people. Coolidge made an energetic and effective effort to settle labor disputes by encouraging reasonable pay increases, and to grant additional home rule. His greatest accomplishment though came from settling the Police Labor Strike in 1919. So when 19 local police unions were...

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