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The Life And Achievements Of Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is renowned for being one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world; he is the cofounder of the most recognized brands in the computer industry called Microsoft. Gates was born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He grew up in a wealthy family and had two sisters. William H. Gates, Sr., who was their father, was a successful lawyer and their mother dedicated her time to staying home and raising the children. The Gates family maintained a warm and close environment and encouraged the mentality to strive for excellence. Bill took this to heart in everything he was involved with.
He was a rapacious reader and spent most of his time indulging in information found in reference books and encyclopedias. Examining this behavior, his parents decided it was best to enroll Bill in a preparatory school called Seattle’s Lakeside School. At this time he was 13 years old. While attending there he became extremely interested computers and their function. Soon enough he found a friend with the same enthusiasm, his name, Paul Allen.
By 1970, their duo developed various basic computer programs and the success of their efforts was coming to light. Although Gates and Allen wanted to initiate their own business, Gate’s parents wanted him to finish school and attend college to be a lawyer. Bill graduated from Lakeside in 1973. With his intellectual achievement, demonstrated by his outstanding SAT scores, he was quickly admitted to Harvard University to study for his career as a lawyer. However, he could not stay far away from his true passion, and spent most of his time in the computer lab.
Soon enough, Paul and Bill, who were still in contact, began to work on a BASIC software program for MITS. Allen was promptly hired and Gates left Harvard to join him. Right after they formed a partnership named Micro-Soft. Consequently, one year later he wrote a letter to MITS about pirating software he had...

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