The Life And Accomplishments Of Louis Pasteur

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The Life and Accomplishments of Louis Pasteur

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica (2013) Louis Pasteur was both a chemist and a microbiologist. This human was a man of many great accomplishments who made many contributions to the field of science, technology and medicine. Louis Pasteur was a pioneer of his field and should be greatly respected. Without his contributions we would not have many of the cures to some of the most deadly viruses and diseases. We would also not be able to enjoy a lot of the food and drinks that we consume daily without the threat of possibly becoming sick. Just a few of Pasteur’s contributions are the creation of pasteurization and the creations of vaccines to combat Rabies and the Anthrax disease. Louis Pasteur is a man of many accomplishments and is one of the biggest names in medical and scientific history. He’s benefited the world by his vaccinations and his creations of pasteurization alike.
Louis Pasteur was born in the country of France in the year of 1822. According to (2013) “his father, Jean-Joseph Pasteur, was a tanner and a sergeant major”. It is said that his father’s strict manner was the reason for Pasteur’s consistency in what he did. In early grade school Pasteur wasn’t anything more than the average student. It wasn’t until Louis Pasteur went to the Royal College of Besancon that his true gift began to show. In the year of 1842 Pasteur received his Bachelors in Science. According to BBC (2013) Louis Pasteur received his Doctorates degree from the École Normale University in the city of Paris, France. After Pasteur finished his degrees he went on to be a teacher while completing his research. BBC (2013) states that Pasteur taught at both Dijon and Strasbourg where he there furthered his research.
He started his research by studying alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine. He found out by spending many hours researching that the alcohol was being ruined and destroyed by tiny organisms. After spending more time researching he found this was to be the same problem with milk and other various dairy products. These items were going bad in short amounts of time causing the markets for said products to lose a great deal of money. After many hours of researching and experimenting, Louis Pasteur found out that if you simply boiled the liquid and then set it to cool for a while that you could rid the certain item of these harmful organisms. This is where the term “pasteurization” comes from on the some of the food items you see such as milk, eggs or anything dairy. Without this contribution, we would not be able to enjoy many of the food and drink items that we love to consume today safely without the threat of harmful bacteria being digested into our bodies. Louis Pasteur did not stop here though, after finding out how to pasteurize things he wanted to find out just where these organisms were coming from. He continued his research and conducted many experiments to find out their...

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