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The Life And Career Of Henry Ford

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There is one thing that people use every without it you couldn’t get where you want to go unless you walked. What I’m talking about is a car or truck a good car or truck that means that I’m talking about a Ford. The man that made the Ford was Henry Ford. Henry Ford impacted society through technology and innovation.
Henry was born on July 30,1863 in Wayne County near Dearborn Michigan. Ford was a farmer at his dad’s farm he left farming at 16 to work as an apprentice in Detroit Machine shop. Henry Ford developed his plans for the first horseless carriage it was going good so far. Ford took a step forward and started to design the Model T. In 1888, Henry Ford married Clara Ala Bryant he briefly went back to farming to support his wife and son Edsel he was holding on with the right about of money to support his family . But three years later Ford was hired as an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company (“Henry Ford Biography”). Ford did such a good job that he got a promotion ...view middle of the document...

Ford was producing cars at a record braking rate he even said “When I’m through, about everybody will have one” (“Ford's Assembly Line”). At the rate that he was going he was right. He was making bank so far his business was going good. Ford was doing so well that he decided to help the people around him so he started thinking of others before his self.
Not only was Ford a good person for all the things that he did, he served in WWI, he also made a peace ship to Europe. He also made a Ford Foundation in 1936 to provide ongoing grants for research, education and development (“Henry Ford Biography”). Ford was a in the committed anti-Semite he was doing what he could to help the local newspaper.
Fords assembly line was helping his business grow. Until the 15000000 car rolled off the line in 1927 but that didn’t stop him on his car building. His smart thinking made him make more cars. By making a car in 2 hours and 30 minutes instead of his usual time of 12 hours the assembly line made this happen by getting the cars overs faster and the parts(“Henry Ford Biography”). The assembly line set him back a lot but it made him more famous and it helped more than hi hurt. So far henry ford was one of Americas leading business men.
Ford was doing a good job for making a name for his self. By making cheap cars that people could buy that we reliable and wouldn’t make you go broke and building an education for kids he also made it so the people got there newspaper. He was making the best car in his time and some say it is still the best he made the thing that made human life easy a car and an assembly line.
Henry Ford died on April 7, 1947 from a cerebral hemorrhage he was 83 years old (“Henry Ford Biography”). He had a good life. He died in a sad way but his name will live on for generations to come. Fords company is one of the top company’s today. Henry Ford’s company today is worth 164 million dollars.

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