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The Life And Death Of Adolf Hitler

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James Cross Giblin (born July 8,1993) is an American author of the book, “The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler.” Growing up in Ohio, Giblin worked on school newspapers and wrote a play at the Western Reserve University. It was later on published in the year 1954. After years of hard work in writing plays, he hasn’t succeeded to publish more. In 1954, the author attempted to get his master’s degree in New York at the Columbia University in which he succeeded. After that, he set off to work at the British Book Centre, which was the big step that would lead him into publishing. Giblin next changed to be an editor-in-chief in Seabury Press of children’s division, Clarion books. He went back to ...view middle of the document...

The advantage of the Nazis was that they offered Germany a solution. This caused them to increase their seats in the Reichstag from only 12 in 1928 to a majority of 230 in 1932 making them the largest and most powerful party. In 1933 Hindenburg and Papen, which at that time controlled Germany made Hitler the Chancellor, thinking they could control him to get the Nazis on their side. They were wrong about that though and only allowed Adolf Hitler to legitimately gain power.
Shortly after coming to power Hitler began fulfilling his plan of invading and conquering Europe. He believed that Great Britain had to be defeated. This was not as easy as it seemed though and Hitler knew that Poland had to be defeated first. His only fear was that France or England would help Poland causing and early war and potentially leading to his own failure. “Captain Hermann Göring, the SA bodyguard unit, and Rudolf Hess entered the hall shortly after eight-thirty. Hitler put down his beer, removed his pistol from his holster, and joined Göring and the others.” (P.37) Hitler had finally reached the top of the command chain and was now enjoying the freedom of power. After contacting his ambassadors of the two nations and doing research he could be sure that nobody would intervene and so he started invading countries one by one. After capturing France, the Check Republic and Poland he moved on to Great Britain and Russia. All would be fine but because of the...

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1245 words - 5 pages successful at what he was trying to accomplish, whether it was in the world's best interest or not. Samantha Fisher Works Cited Giblin, James. The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler. New York: Clarion, 2002. Print. “Hitler, Adolf.” World Book Student .. World Book ,2012. Web.12 Dec. 2012. .

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