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The Life And Death Of Benjamin Franklin History History

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Benjamin Franklin
Kavohn Darrell
Prof. Cook
Monday 6:15 PM
During the seventeen hundreds, the United States was created by a group of individuals who stressed the freedom, equality, and justice for all people. The founders of the United States had no idea they would create one of the richest nations in the world. Today however, many Americans have forgotten to honor these groups of intellectuals that built this country and refused to rule it.  Modern day American writer and journalist, Walter Isaacson once stated that “Benjamin Franklin is the most accomplished American of his age” and even referred to him as the most influential man in inventing the type of society America would become. (Isaacson,Walter, Benjamin Franklin An American Life) Benjamin Franklin wasn’t only one our country’s founding fathers; he was also considered a genius and a jack of all trades. Benjamin Franklin once said “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” (BrainyQuote)  He lived by this, and it can be seen through his accomplishments and his accolades. Franklin was a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. His contributions to the United States are what shaped us to be what we are today and they will be forever etched as a crucial point in our history as a nation. (
  Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706. He was the fifteenth child in a family of seventeen kids. His parents, Josiah and Abiah Franklin, were hard working devout Puritan/Calvinist people. Josiah Franklin made candles for a living. Since the Franklin’s were so poor, Benjamin couldn't afford to go to school for longer than two years. In those two years, however, Franklin learned to read which opened the door to further education for him. Since he was only a fair writer and had very poor mathematical skills, he worked to tutor himself at home. At the age of 10 he started working at his father’s candle and soap shop.( Ben’s father, Josiah Franklin feared that Ben would grow bored of dipping wax and cutting wicks at his shop. He assumed that been would follow in one of his brother’s footsteps and go out to sea. To avoid this Josiah apprenticed a 12 year-old Ben Franklin to his brother James at his print shop. Ben learned a lot about newspaper publishing and found it to be very interesting. He also adopted a view on politics through this, however while he was apprenticing his brother James had frequently beat him. Ben started writing around the age of 16, unfortunately his brother didn't want to publish any of his work. Ben decided to write under the name of Mrs. Silence Dogood. “Mrs. Silence Dogood” penned and published 14 eye catching letters that readers of James’ newspaper found to be very intriguing. Once James found out that it was ben who was writing the letters under the...

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