The Life And Death Of Cholmondeley

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LITERATURE - GRADE - 11 (Three hours)
 Answer five questions only
 Answer question 1 and four others selecting one from each section poetry, drama,
Prose and fiction
Part 1
Section (A)
1) "You French people have a cute way of doing business. You go and tell your boss
That if he doesn't come right away, I'm going"
(a) From where are these words? Who wrote them?
(b) Who speaks these words? To whom are they spoken?
(c) What impression of the speaker do you get from these words?
2) "In fair round belly with good capon lin'd with eyes severe ; and beard of formal Cut
full of wise saws and modern instances"
(a) From which text are these lines taken?
Who wrote them?
(b) Who is described in these lines? How does this person look like?
(c) How do you feel about this person?
3) He found a biscuit, got it out, sniffed it and then to my delight ate it up. I knew he was
going to be all right.
(a) From which text are these lines taken? Who wrote them?
(b) What do the words "sniffed if " tell one about he?
(c) What is the relationship between the writer and the other character?
4) "They're saying,
He won't talk,
Because he's a thinking bird"
(a) From where are these lines taken? Who wrote them?
(b) Who are "he" and "they" here?
(c) Describe briefly the contrast in attitude between "he" and "they" in the above
5) What hope she had for ordinary love and interest survives here, displaced above the
(a) From where are these lines taken?
Who wrote them?
(b) Where was she and why was she there?
(c) What do you think were her hopes?
6) When the sun grew stronger, he knew it was time to return.
(a) From where are these lines taken?
Who wrote them?
(b) Who is he and where is he now?
(c) Do you think he's happy to return? Why?

Free online test papers - www.eduLanka.LK
--- Online Test Papers - eduLankaOnline education web site of Sri Lanka --- WWW.EDULANKA.LK
Section (B)
 Answer questions in either (a) or (b) (a) Read the following extract and answer the questions at the end.
I experienced a strange feeling as I heard the key turn in the lock. Here I was in that mysterious third floor room, right around me, a pale wounded victim in my care, a would murdress separated from us by a single door. Now and then a step would creak, a snarling noise begin again or a deep groan make my flesh grow cold.
I. Who was the victim? II. What was mysterious about the third...

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