The Life And Death Of Grigori Yefimovic Rasputin

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After being poisoned, beaten, shot and thrown into a the river Neva Grigori Rasputin must have wondered if he actually had powers beyond mortal men when he stated “When the bell tolls three times, it will announce that I have been killed. If I am killed by common men, you and your children will rule Russia for centuries to come; if I am killed by one of your stock, you and your family will be killed by the Russian people! Pray Tsar of Russia. Pray.”
The Life and death of Grigori Yefimovic Rasputin was nothing short of mysterious. Rasputin was a Russian shahman famed for the impact he is said to have hadd over Russian Tsar Nicholas II’s family. Actually, he is thought to have held a great deal of inspiration over the Tsar’s wife Alexandra, as well as on their son Alexei’s hemophilia treatment (a disease that the royal family did not want disclosed). His Influence was believed to be the downfall of the Autocracy as it was only a few months after Rasputins death, before the Tsar abdicated and no more than a year before the Tsar and his family was murdered.
Grigori Yefimovic Rasputin was born in 1869 and died in 1916. He was a Russian sorcerer, so to speak, who was prominent during Russia’s Romanov dynasty. He was referred to as the mad monk, though he was not a monk, but a religious pilgrim. In addition, he was believed to be a faith healer. Although historians view him as a scapegoat, he is one of the most debatable individual or person in the twentieth century history. Rasputin played a small, but a crucial part in the downfall of the Romanov dynasty, which led to the establishment of the Soviet Union after Bolshevik victory. Rasputin participated in a significant role in the lives of the Nicholas II, his wife, their son and Tsarina Alexandra. Their son Alexei was a hemophilia patient who suffered a lot from the disease.
Although Rasputin attended school, he did learn how to read and write. He joined the Verkhoture Monastery, but decided not to become a monk. He married at a young age of 19 and got three children with his wife Proskovia Fyodorovna, although, he had another child with a different woman. He abandoned his family and travelled to Greece and Middle East. He claimed to have power that healed the sick and used them to help people. In addition, he made money as a soothsayer.
It is claimed that Rasputin name means licentious, but that is not the meaning. However, his name is similar to a Russian adjective Rasputin, which means licentious. His name bears the connotation of mud (raspuititsa). It is related to muddy or rainy season. Most historians agree that his name denotes a place where two rivers meet. The name illustrates the area from which his family originated. Various authors argue that Rasputin tried to change his name after his first pilgrimage. According to Valentin Rasputin, a contemporary Russian writer, Rasputin is an ordinary name and it does not have a disgraceful meaning.
Rasputin date of birth has some dispute since...

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