The Life And Death Of Jesus

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The Life and Death of Jesus

In this part of my coursework, I will attempt to show how Jesus’
example of self-sacrifice, suffering, death and resurrection is still
important to Christians today, and should be included in every good
Christians life.

Firstly, when I say ‘…self-sacrifice, suffering, death and
resurrection…included in every good Christians life…’ I don’t mean
that every Christian should run in front of a train to prove their
belief in God, no, I merely meant that, for instance, if there is a
charity money collection going around, you should put that little bit
of money you reserved for, say, a chocolate bar, in instead of
spending it on something you can easily go on with without. This is
what I believe all Christians can do, and, if they did, it would make
the world a generally better place, immediately showing that even the
smallest example of self-sacrifice can prove to be a very Christian
thing to do.

If one was to look in the Bible and read through the entire book of
Mark, one would see that there are dozens upon dozens of examples and
teachings from Jesus showing the need and use of self-sacrifice. The
most prominent and best examples are:

· Mark 10: 17-22 (The Rich Man), In which a rich man runs up to Jesus
and says that he has followed his preaching since he was very small.
He then asks Jesus what can he do extra to make sure that he is doing
the right thing to get to heaven. Jesus then replies that he is to
sell practically all of his possessions and give the money to the poor
so that they can have food and water. This, however makes the rich man
sad as he has worked all his life for his riches, yet he, like a good
Christian, does exactly as Jesus says. After, Jesus shows that it may
be hard for a rich man to go to heaven, but, with faith in God and a
little self-sacrifice, it is possible.

· Then, in Mark 10: 35-45 (The Request Of James And John) in which
Jesus says that to go to heaven and be at his right and left hands,
you must ‘…be a servant to the rest…’ which means that you must put
others in front of you, no matter who they are.

· Finally, in Mark 12: 41-44 (The Widows Offering) Jesus is a temple
and, to please him, rich men came and gave many riches and jewels,
yet, when a poor widow came along and dropped in a few pennies, Jesus
showed his disciples that this woman had given a greater amount than
anyone else, as she gave everything that she had, wutherise the rich
men gave what they had spare. This story, in my opinion, shows the
ultimate example of self-sacrifice, as she gave all that she could,
without putting herself ahead of others, unlike the rich men to whom
the money they offered was but a measly amount.

These each show clearly what self-sacrifice is and, as all Christians
know, we should strive to follow what Jesus...

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