The Life And Death Of Mary Stuart

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Mary Stuart was born in December of 1542, in Linlithgow Palace, Scotland. She lived a life in a way that could be seen in a Hollywood Thriller, but some of the biggest points were her childhood, her claim to the english throne, and her execution. (Eakins, Lara. Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland and France. June 2007. 27 March 2014 .) However, her life came to a quick halt whenever she was accused of the murder of her first husband, Lord Darnley. Whenever her father, James V of Scotland, died, she became the Queen of Scots at only six days old.
Shortly after Mary Stuart was born, her father died. He died only six days after her birth, right after he heard ...view middle of the document...

When 1560 came around, Francis II died of otitis, or a severe ear infection. At this point, Mary was forced by her mother-in-law, Catherine de’Medici; to return to Scotland.
The next year, she returned to Scotland, despite the efforts of her friends to keep her in France. Scotland was now an officially Protestant country after the new religious reforms made by John Knox. Mary was a Roman Catholic, but her half-brother, Lord James Stuart, (Later Earl of Moray) had assured her that she would be allowed to worship as she wished. In August 1561, she returned, only to receive an unexpected warm welcome from her Protestant subjects.
Her rule of France continued, and, at first, she ruled successfully. That was, until her marriage to Lord Darnley, her second cousin, led to a series of extremely tragic events. Darnley led a group of conspirators to the dinner hall that she was in, threatened the heavily pregnant Mary Stuart, and murdered her secretary, David Riccio, on March 9, 1566, in the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Lord Darnley did this because he was jealous of Riccio. Shortly after, Mary gave birth to James VI of Scotland, but this had no good effects on her and Lord Darnley’s relationship. Darnley was murdered just outside of Edinburgh, on February 10, 1567. This led people to believe that Mary was implicated in the crime.
Mary fought many battles before she was kept in England (in captivity) for 19 years. After these long 19 years, Mary was executed in Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire on February 8, 1587. She was only 44 years old.(Royal Household at Buckingham Palace. Mary, Queen of Scots (r.1542-1567). 2008/2009. 27 March 2014...

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