The Life And Legacy Of A Real Life Hero

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All throughout the history of the United States and all of the presidents have had a huge impact on the entire world. The legacy that a president leaves behind will always be remembered, either positive or negative. One who has left the largest impact on theses states, who are united as a whole, is Kennedy. His legacy is still going strong fifty years later. Kennedy has left the longest living legacy and probably the best.

Kennedy was born on May twenty ninth, nineteen seventeen. He was born in Massachusetts, and was the second of a total of nine kids. Kennedys father was a very competitive. He expected almost to much out of his kids. When Kennedy was in school he was not considered a “Model” student. He was a big partier, and a huge womanizer (John F. Kennedy Biography). All throughout his school career Kennedy was still expected to do great things. His parents knew that he was brilliant so they kept pushing him to do better (John F. Kennedy Biography). Kennedy, despite his struggles in school, continued on to Harvard. After Kennedy graduated, he started his political career in 1952 when he; with the help of his brother, won the election by a slim margin(John F. Kennedy).

After his time in office, he ran for president in 1960 and won the election. In his Inaugural Address Kennedy said to his fellow citizens “... ask not what your country can do for you-- ask what you can do for your country.” (Kennedy) When Kennedy served in the navy he was showing that he really meant what he said. Kennedy served in the military from 1941-1945 when he was released from his duty and retired on physical disability in 1945. He was a PT boat captain. On August 1943 a Japanese ship struck the PT 109 and damaged it severely. Many of the boats passengers were injured including Kennedy. Although his injuries not minor. He still got up and rescued six of his fellow crew members; two of which were hurt. The rest of the remaining crew was not rescued until August eighth. Kennedy was later awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal for his heroics on that day (Lieutenant John F. Kennedy, USN). That alone show that this man not only is a real life hero but that he lived by the words that he later said.

Kennedy took to presidency during one of the hardest times in the history of the United States; The cold War. Not only did this take extreme courage to run during this time, but it also took a strong leader who could get his country through it. Kennedy handled the Cold War very well. One of the hardest parts of his presidency was the cold war. Kennedy kept his composure and handled the “war” with extreme caution. He knew that if one mistake was made he could cause the start...

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