The Life And Legacy Of Malcolm X

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The Life and Legacy of Malcolm X
Malcolm X should be everyone’s hero, someone people like myself should look up to as a human being. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a racist or is extremely ignorant. Malcolm X wore his heart on his sleeve and whether right or wrong he was never afraid to say what was on his mind to anyone who cared to listen. I personally believe Malcolm X’s beliefs give me strength to do what's right and carry myself with dignity. I remember, as a kid, my parents had tons of books about Black History books. The first book I read was a Malcolm X biography. I realized Malcolm X was truly a powerful, significant, and essential work for all time.
Malcolm X is an important figure in human history because he was a human rights activist and fought for equality among people. He was a proficient public speaker who spoke for minorities, mostly African Americans. By reading Malcolm X’s story, I visualize on how a man suffered from the effects of prejudice and his whole disposition was formed from it. I see how a very angry man stayed angry at the "white devils" for most of his life. However, the unique aspect of Malcolm X is that he changed his views towards the end with the realization that his religion and own understanding gave him. It was fascinating to learn how his philosophies changed so drastically over the last few years of his life. As I grew older, I appreciated how he impacted the black civil rights movement in significant ways and helped young black men like myself be more aware of their identity as black men and realize that they could help affect change for the better.
On May 19, 1925, Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the fourth of eight children to Earl and Louise Little. Malcolm’s family decided to move to Michigan where they continue to...

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