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The Life And Legacy Of Nikola Telsa

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The world of the 21st century is a digital world; a world that is interconnected and wired. This global reality would not be possible without the innovations of Nikola Tesla. His innovations, such as the “Tesla coil”, are still relevant and used more than 100 years after their inventions (“The Life and Legacy”). Tesla discovered and designed the alternating current system, dynamos (electric generators similar to batteries), the induction motor, and the Wardenclyffe Tower project (“The Life and Legacy”). He was instrumental to the discovery and development of radar technology, x-ray technology, and the rotating magnetic field (“The Life and Legacy”). Tesla’s alternating current system forms the basis of the American electrical grid of today, the basis of the American economy. His contributions to the electrical grid cemented him as the most influential American inventor. There have been many resilient leaders in American history; however, the insight, independence, and initiative demonstrated by Nikola Tesla have culminated into a legacy that has a profound impact on the American economy and society.
Tesla, like Leonardo Da Vinci, had insight into technologies that were well beyond their times. Nikola, developed a wireless system of communication, meant to transmit stock quotes and telegram messages instantly to a wireless handheld device. These patents form the basis of wireless communications (such as the Internet) and smartphone technology (“8 Things You Didn't Know”). Another instance when Tesla proved his insight is when Tesla honored Edison when Tesla was speaking at a lecture. Edison was in the back of the auditorium, not wanting to be noticed. However, Tesla noticed Edison and applauded his achievements, leading the crowd into a standing ovation (“8 Things You Didn't Know”). Even though Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were rivals, Tesla had the insight to have respect and reverence towards Edison (“8 Things You Didn't Know”). Also, when he studied in Graz, Austria, he often made his teachers angry by challenging the technological status quo. However, his insight into the potential of alternating current electricity pushed him to develop alternating current, while other inventors focused on fixing the hopeless case which was direct current electricity (“The Life of Nikola Tesla”). Tesla had the capacity to gain an accurate and intuitive understanding of electricity, the radio, and wireless communications demonstrating his deep and penetrating insight. Similarly, Tesla was an independent thinker, which made him resilient.
Tesla distanced himself both emotionally and physically from the problems in his life which exhibited his independence. When Tesla was a sophomore in college, his father died of a stroke. He gave up his tuition to not be a burden to his mother as his father was the family’s main breadwinner. Tesla took a job at a government telegraph station. When he had earned enough money for tuition, he resumed his education ("The Life...

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