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The Life And Legacy Of Steve Jobs

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Why Steve Jobs? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2
Leadership period (1996-2011) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Personality traits-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Leadership style-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Management style----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
Limitations of Steve Jobs-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
Steve Jobs (CEO and chairman of Apple Inc.) was an American entrepreneur and inventor. He was born in February 24, 1955 and founded Apple Inc. with his high school buddy Steve Wozniak in 1976. But later in 1976, when Apple was about to bankrupt he returned to it as advisor and Interim CEO. He made Apple profitable from near bankruptcy by 1998 (Walter Isaacson, 2013). From (1996-2011), he proved himself as one of the best engineering leaders of the world and made Apple the most innovative company of the world.
Suddenly, some companies become extremely successful, while rest of them unfortunately remains a failure. There can be off-course a lot of reasons for this failure but one of the main reasons is lack of leadership qualities. There are many styles of leadership, whenever a style is its best place at best time; it produces efficient results. In short the path-goal theory shows which techniques are used by leaders to motivate their followers to get their goals completed. According to my view, Steve Jobs was a successful leader and proved hid proficiency through the success of his company. Not only Apple’s product are great, but the main fact they became the most innovative company of world was due to the reason that Steve Jobs had a clear leadership model and he knew what worked and what did not.
Steve Jobs was not only a role model for his team but also to people all around the world. People were always curious about the secret behind hid success and focused on everything he ever said.. He gained and had a great deal of respect from followers and this is what a good leader wants, Respect. Any leader who lacked the respect from his followers will be unsuccessful at the end of the day. Similarly, the leader who don’t his follower is also going to be unsuccessful., the team will likely lose spirit and feel as if they are not properly being guided for their goals and their tribulations. All of this will inevitably result in a failed business or loss of a...

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