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Connor SweeneyMrs. Lowry5th Period17 March 2014The Life and LegendOne of the most important people in the history of the Roman Empire was Julius Caesar. He played a critical role in Rome's transition from a republic to an empire. Julius Caesar is regarded as one of the best military leaders of all time. Caesar was an excellent general and successful politician. By conquering many lands for the empire and making important political decisions, he was a huge influence on the people. As a dictator and a leader, Caesar greatly affected the Roman people by improving their way of living. Caesar achieved much power while he was alive and was set to become the king of Rome before his assassination.Gaius Julius Caesar was born in July 100 B.C. to a middle-class family that lived right outside of Rome. His family was well of, but not rich by Roman standards. We do know that Caesar received an education, probably from a private tutor. When Caesar was only sixteen, his father died and he became the head of the family. He was ordered to divorce his recently married Cornelia by the recently elected ruler, and Caesar refused. He was put on a death list and had to go into hiding. He was later relieved of the punishment because of persuasion of powerful friends and family.Soon afterwards Caesar joined the Roman Army. He was awarded the civil crown for saving a civilian's life in battle, and quickly rose up in the ranks. After the ruler who sentenced Caesar to death died, Caesar returned to Rome and became a major political leader. Julius achieved the ranks of tribute and of quaestor; he also served as a predator in Spain. Caesar then was elected to the position of consul. The position of consul was the highest ranking position in the Roman government. The consul is similar to the president of the United States, but there were two consuls and the only ruled together for one year. While he was a consul, he shared power with Crassus and Pompey, both who he was in debt to politically. This partnership soon became public and the three men formed the first triumvirate. The triumvirate lasted for a long time, even after the end of Caesar's term as a consul. At the end of his term as consul, he became the governor of the province of Gaul, now parts of modern day France. As the governor of Gaul, Caesar was in charge of many troops. Caesar conquered much of the rest of Gaul as a military general. He was a very effective leader, governor and general. He gained much respect and was soon considered as one of the greatest generals in the Roman army.During his time in Gaul, Caesar conquered many lands. He defeated the areas of Gaul known to be unstable, Germanic enemies of Rome's Gallic allies, and other unorganized tribes in the area. Julius also built a bridge across the Rhine and conquered almost all of modern day France. He was also the first one to successfully attack Britain in a land attack. Caesar then had to return to Gaul to deal with political problems. After he...

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