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The Life And Presidency Of Woodrow Wilson

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Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born December 28th, 2014. Wilson was born in Staunton, Virginia to Joseph Ruggles Wilson, and Jessie Janet Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was born into a deeply religious family, his father was a Presbyterian minister. Wilson’s family didn’t stay in one place, because of Pastor Wilson’s duties, their family moved often. When Wilson was only 2 their family moved to Augusta, Georgia. Later on they moved to Columbia, South Carolina. Wilson was born just shy of 5 years before the outbreak of the American Civil War. Their family was fortunate that no family member had to serve in the war, but they did open their house and church up for the Confederate soldiers. Although Wilson’s family was never in the war, he viewed the war through the men and woman who came into their home and ended up viewing the war as a dividing line, where the original constitutional structure of the nation’s founders had become unworkable and something new and different was need to replace it.
Woodrow Wilson was the middle child. While Wilson became the most successful, he also had two older sisters and a younger brother. Wilson’s mother, Jessie Janet Woodrow Wilson was born in Carlisle, England but later moved to America. She was a typical house mother who cared for her children with her whole heart. Wilson would describe himself later on in life as a “mama’s boy” who clung to the strings of his mother’s aprons. After their move to the south, Wilson’s father became “unreconstructedly southern” in his views and values in politics. He was known to have had a domineering personality, he always demanded total loyalty from family and friends. These traits were said to be passed down to Wilson. He would teach his son the justification of the South’s succession. Most of Wilson’s early childhood education would also come from his father. At that time there were very little public school, and other than being taught by some of the soldiers who set up primitive schools after the war, his father was his main teacher. His father mainly focused on religion and British history and literature. He also took his son to many industrial and agricultural sites to make sure he saw the conditions of ordinary working men and women. Wilson was described to be a normal boy, other than his troubling eyesight and belief to have had dyslexia. He played like a normal boy, enjoying sports and exploring with his brother and cousins.
Woodrow Wilson began his college career at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. He only made it through the first year later enrolling due to digestive disorders. He later attended the College of New Jersey, which is now known as Princeton. While attending the College of New Jersey he founded the Liberal Debating Club, became managing editor of the campus newspaper, the Princetonian, and won several public speaking contests. After graduating from the College of New Jersey he enrolled in the University of Virginia Law School. He later withdrew from...

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