The Life And Works Of Giuseppe Verdi

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I can say with absolute certainty that I have always been intrigued by and totally enamored with cultures that were different from my own. I believe this is because I fancy myself to be an imaginative dreamer that has always wished for changes to take place in the world so that it may one day become the way it was supposed to be when the creator of the universe imagined it all those centuries ago.
I think the most precious gift that was given to humans by the creator of the universe besides the right to live was when we were blessed with the gift of music whether we choose to use it to entertain others or simply just listen to its majesty. What’s even better than that the creator did not just stop there he also gave us a variety of different musical genres and also the ability to change them in order to keep up with the passage of time.
For the musical composer essay, I have chosen to write about a man who I felt made the greatest impact on Romantic opera in the 19th century this master of a man was given the name Giuseppe Fortunio Francesco Verdi but was commonly known as Giuseppe Verdi by all who knew and loved him. This great man was born on either October 9, or 10 in the year 1813 in the community of Le Roncole, near a small town called Busseto in the province of Parma, Italy his astrological sign is that of a Libra. His mother and father were both of Italian descent and their names were Carlo and Luigia Verdi respectively. Now this is where it gets complicated Verdi told every person that talked to him about his background that his parents were illiterate peasants. Despite this lie that Verdi told them they later discovered that his parents were not illiterate peasants as he had claimed but were very smart individuals that had both carved out comfortable lives for themselves Verdi’s father Carlo was a landowner and innkeeper, and his mother was a spinner.
When Verdi’s mother Luigia was 26 she and his father Carlo welcomed a baby girl they gave the name Giuseppa Francesco Verdi but she was not to see her brother become a world renowned romantic opera composer because she tragically died in the year 1833 from a debilitating form of meningitis at the time of her death she was 17 years old.
I believe that we study Giuseppe Verdi because he still is considered to be one of the most significant and prolific Italian opera composers of his time and he also used his music to restore Italy’s national pride and dignity within themselves at a time of their turbulent French rule and administration.
Giuseppe Verdi showed an early natural talent for music but he was never considered to be a prodigy like young Mozart was in his childhood and even though his parents could not afford the private music lessons that they knew their young seven year old son both needed and deserved. Despite their precarious financial situation Verdi’s father because he believed in his son’s natural musical talent was able to scrape together enough money to purchase his...

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