The Life And Writing Of Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in Landport, Portsea, England as Charles John Huffham Dickens but was known as the great Charles Dickens. After being born into a family of eight children and he being the second of eight; the family decided to move to Chatham, were Dickens considered these years the best childhood years ever, but after a couple of years living in Chatham the family decided to move once again but this time to London in the year 1822. There his father got a job as a clerk in the navy post office. Dicken’s family was not poor nor rich, they were just like any other family out there, a middle class family but this changed in a couple of years due to his fathers extravagant spending that they couldn’t afford to handle anymore. Due to this matter, his father later in life was imprisoned for debt in the year 1824. Because of his father’s imprisonment, Charles had to withdraw from school and be sent to work as a shoe dyer in a factory to help his family out with the income. At this time he was not living at home, he was living by himself in a lodging house in North London. When he moved to Chatham he considered those years the best childhood years, but when he lived by himself in North London he considered these years the worst and most terrible years of his life. Charles didn’t know this, but this is what shaped his life and his writing techniques. (Charles Dickens Pg. 3)
In the year 1833 Charles began to write essays and short stories to newspaper firms, this resulted in him being noticed and known worldwide. After he found out, he left his job and became editor of the newspaper called “Bentley’s Miscellany”. (Charles Dickens Pg. 3) Shortly after he married Catherine Hogarth on the 2nd of April in the year 1836 in St. Luke’s Church, Chelsea. After having ten children and twenty-two years later, they decided to end there marriage to each other and went their own separate ways. After the breakup Charles moved permanently to his country house called Gad‘s Hill in the year 1860. At that time Charles became involved in an affair with Ellen Ternan, a young actress. The affair lasted until Dickens past away, but the affair was kept quite a good secret. (Dickens...

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913 words - 4 pages afford the rent on his house. JohnDickens loved to entertain his friends with drinks and conversation. Throughout his life,he was very short of money and in debt. He often had to borrow money to pay off thedebt and borrow more money to pay off the people he borrowed the money from. Lateron, John Dickens was transferred again to work in the naval dockyard at Chatman. It washere that Charles Dickens' earliest and clearest memories were formed