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The Life Of The Old Forests

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A young girl walked through a forest, leaves on the trees dappled with sunlight. Her waist length black hair caught the light as she walked, the light showing the tones of raven color throughout her hair. Her feet somehow managed to avoid the twigs that were settled on the ground, making little noise. Her strides were graceful and balanced. She wore a stormy blue-grey colored dress. The sleeves were long and billowing, falling from her wrists to drag slightly on the ground. She looked like a forest sprite as she walked in this dress, her hair flowing behind her as she moved faster.
Suddenly, the girl glanced around, her icy blue eyes scanning the area around her for something, before ducking behind a thick curtain of ivy. Behind the ivy was a cave-like formation, though it was warm and inviting in a way that a cave could never be. She followed a path of glowing crystals, eventually coming to a room that was decorated with tapestries. A large table sat in the middle of the room. A group of people sat around it talking softly. An older man looked up, shoulder-length hair pulled back from his face. His hair was a deep brown, looking like rich soil. Grey was weaved throughout, gathering at his temples. When he spoke, his voice was deep and had the sound of a tree long standing.
“Welcome, Liana. The trip?” Liana nodded her head to him, almost a bow, in respect before sitting down at the table. She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, her high cheekbones making her look regal.
“The trip was well. I ran into no one, and no one has followed me. The woods were beautiful this morning, though a bit too quiet. What is going on, Rinji?”
The man sighed, sadness in his eyes. He seemed to feel defeated, and it showed in his voice. “It is as we have feared for centuries. The humans have forgotten of our existence. They are no longer able to see us as they did long ago. This has caused them to ignore the old ways. They have started destroying the forests for their own personal gain. They have begun to slowly kill us. We are a peaceful people. None have been able to fight back. What could we do against their weapons, anyway? They cut down our trees, one by one, slowly ending our lives, causing us great pain. I'm sure you have felt it.”
Liana nodded, now feeling the defeat herself. This had been feared by the dryads for a long time. The humans had slowly been forgetting them. It was only a matter of time before this came to be. “I have, though I had attempted to convince myself that it wasn't what we feared. Why call this meeting, then? There is nothing we can do. We are all connected to a specific living plant. We cannot run. It will cause us to just die faster.”
Rinji nodded in acknowledgment. His eyes were thoughtful though. “This is true, but Dagwood has told me that he has an idea, and I am willing to hear him out. If we can save even a few of us, it will be worth it. The dryad race cannot be allowed to become extinct. No creature or plant will...

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