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The Life Cycle Of Charles Lindbergh

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Have you ever wondered if there were people who have affected the world that we live in today? One person that has was Charles Lindbergh he really push human limitations. He was the first person to fly from New York to Paris non-stop! People showered him with cheers, admire him, and were really inspired by him. This man push the limits of what people were capable and that helped create the next generation of people to lead the way to a brighter tomorrow. Even though Charles Lindbergh achieved the impossible and taught us many lessons, I think we could learn more from him.
Charles Lindbergh’s childhood was like any other kid’s except his was a little quicker you say his childhood flew ...view middle of the document...

At age 18 after the war was over Charles enrolled at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1920, but after two years of studying engineering he soon wanted to be included in flight and entered a Nebraska flying school (F.R).
Now Lindbergh’s aviator career is taking off so now, some of the most incredible things happen along this time period. He quickly learned how to fly a plane and later went on barnstorming tours throughout the mid-west. Barnstorming is where pilots performed dangerous maneuvers in the air. Soon Charles attracted the attention of a crowd; he made money by taking passengers on short sightseeing tours (20Century). In 1924 Charles Lindbergh enlisted in the United States Army so that he could be trained as an Army air Service Reserve pilot (Lindbergh). His hard work paid off when he graduated first in his class as a second lieutenant in March 1925 (F.R). Charles dad could not see Charles graduate because he died of a brain tumor in May 1924 (20Century).
Charles got a job to be an airmail pilot after graduating from the U.S Army flying school. He got this job from a commercial aircraft company to plot routes for the U.S government. He started flying in 1926 from St. Louis to Chicago delivering mail; Charles got a reputation as a cautious and capable pilot (L.F). In 1926 he became the first air mail pilot between Chicago, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri. While in St. Louis looking for a challenge he convinced a group of businessmen to let him try at the Orteig Prize (F.R). Since 1919, a New York City hotel owner named Raymond Orteig offered $25,000 to an aviator to fly non-stop from New York to Paris hoping to connect the world using aviation; several pilots died or were injured. Yet Charles thought he could do it with the right plane (Lindbergh).
Soon Lindbergh developed a plane called...

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