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The Life I Wish To Lead

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Where are you now? Are you sitting at our desk next to a hot cup of coffee reading this paper, or are you on our way out the door? Are you content where you are with who you are? On a less physical note, where are you in life? Are you at a comfortable age where you have passed on your legacy and can proudly say, “Oh yes, I have been there.” or is your story just beginning to blossom. Wherever you are on your journey do you ever stop to think, “How did I get here?”? Our lives are compiled of a series of choices. From the moment we wake up each morning until the time we go to bed, we are constantly making choices that will somehow affect our lives in the future.
During childhood, we begin the process of shaping our own futures through decision making. As a child, I chose to partake in many activities such as girl scouts, which taught me how to work well with others. I turned out to be quite the perfectionist; I had a tendency to show leadership and take charge of projects along with other situations I was in. Today this trait still appears in my behavior. My ability to take charge of a job has not only made me a much more capable person but has also made me comfortable in social situations. While participating in groups I have been able to make sure all work I had done was completed to the optimum level the allotted time.
As I have grown through the years, my choices and decisions have become much more serious and impact my life in a greater way. Should I finish my work and get a good grade, or go out with my friends and not bother with this one assignment? Should I come home early, or should I push the limits and stay out late? As an adolescent, one does not truly realize what an impact these “trivial” decisions will make; that one homework assignment youths chose to avoid caused them...

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