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The Life In Thailand. Essay

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The free and carefree life in Thailand sounds good, doesn’t it? I was first told about Thailand from my grandparents. They told of its inexpensive living, beautiful sites, and its diverse culture. Initially, they didn’t say much about it, but I knew they could tell me stories for days based on their experiences in Thailand. This sparked my interest very quickly. Thailand was first brought up when my grandparents talked to me about someday traveling to Thailand with them. Knowing next to nothing about Thailand, I was determined to find out as much as I could before I would be ready to travel there. I began my research by conducting interviews and reading whatever I could find about Thailand.
I interviewed my grandparents first. I already knew that they spent several months of the year in Thailand and they have visited many different parts of the country. I wanted to find out as much as I could from them first. They told me a lot of different stories, but I still wanted to know more. I interviewed a couple from Lake Havasu, Arizona that my grandparents had mentioned traveling to Thailand with several times. After talking with Brian and Kristi Scott, I was able to compile more information from their experiences in Thailand along with learning about the people, culture, and some insight into the lifestyle of the country.
While interviewing my grandparents, both told me about seeing a lot of temples and many beautiful places of worship. Also, they noticed that many of the people where very kind, relaxed, and were very open to discussing their religion. Once they heard about the religion, they spent some time studying Buddhism and Meditation. Their knowledge made me want to learn more about this too.
Even after my grandparents gave me a small glimpse of what the Thailand life was all about, I still wanted to know more about everything they were talking about. I continued asking them questions about the food and the culture. She talked about the delicious foods from different cultures from all around the world and that painted a picture in my mind. I was so excited to know more about the country that I could potentially visit someday.
During an interview with my grandma, she told me about the activities and adventures they had while in Thailand. She told me about her time in Pattaya for New Year’s in 2009. The fireworks show on New Year’s Eve was the longest and most elaborate she had ever seen. Also, the parade was full of so many beautiful colors and very festive. At the parade, she recalled the array of events, diverse foods, people, elaborate costumes and festive attitudes that went to show how truly diverse culture of the Thailand people. This New Year’s parade portrayed the Thai people’s rich and diverse culture. The pride that they hold for their country is proudly and prominently shown in their cultural events.
That same night, they noticed that security guards were everywhere and they watched as the war ships...

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