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The Life Of A Certified Nursing Assistant!

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Throughout the U.S history the use of Certified Nursing Assistants has helped the system to solve many of our worldwide patients needs. Certified Nursing Assistants are used all over the world for people who are, or who may not, have the support system they may need to take care of their selves. Many Certified Nurses are also qualified to work inside of hospitals, adult care centers, nursing homes, and many more. Certified Nursing Assistants are becoming more reliable for elderly people because of the support system they have from the government.

Certified nursing assistants are health care professional’s who are there for those who are sick or are unable to care for their self’s. CNAs are ...view middle of the document...

Overall becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant just takes patience and motivation to get where u want to be in life.

The job of a CNA varies depending on the facility they work for, however the most common task is to provide basic health care to their patients. Certified Nursing Assistants give basic health services like personal hygiene, repositioning and movement, administering prescribed, and taking vital signs. Certified Nursing Assistants give patients social and emotional support, they also give nurses vital information on their patient conditions. Many Certified Nursing Assistants also assist patients when transferring from one place to another as needed. When patients are recovering CNAs are responsible for helping patients perform daily exercises and group activities. CNAs can be a support system for those who are able to be for there self’s.

Nursing assistants, as their careers must have a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of being a CNA. Though the job of a nurse aid is rewarding and pleasing, at the same time it is challenging and demanding too. The road to enter in this profession is very easy, but many times these professionals struggle with the demands of the job. As compared to the average growth of all occupations, the growth prospects for nursing assistants are very high. There is a 18% increase in the demand of nurse aids by 2018, which is anticipated by The United States Bureau of Labor statistics. The CNA field is continuing to expand, because a number of patient’s are increasing.

Some advantages are that CNAs earn a hand some salary and other perks, like medical insurance, good overtime, paid holiday and retirement benefits. You also have the liberty to decide your working hours. You can work as a part-time employee or a full-time worker. According to, nurse aids can earn the medium yearly salary from $17,691 to $31,207. The mean hourly income varies from $9.31 to $12.21. Nursing assistants typically gets one weeks paid vacation after a year of service. Health care is an indispensable component of the economic, despite the economic turmoil, the demand of certified nursing assistants remains unaffected.

Some disadvantages are these professionals are taught to perform several types of work, like shifting the patient from bed to wheel chair or vica-versa, cleaning the patients room, collecting blood and urine samples, etc. As a nurse you also will have to deal with different types of...

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