The Life Of A Foreign Student

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First of all, I would like to give a definition of a foreign student. A foreign student is a warrior, someone who fights to accomplish his goals and by means of it leaves his life behind to start a new life in order to follow his dreams. The life of a foreign student has its hard times and the only motivation you have is at the end that will give you benefits in the best education. I am one of these foreign students and I would like you to take a walk with me in my life, “Welcome.”

In the beginning, everything was a lot different than what I was used to. It was a completely new life and the butterflies in my stomach left me to realize that I was by myself. I did not even know how to communicate with the people properly. I was without the people that I love and sometimes I need that unconditional love. The love my family would give to me was what I needed the most on these dark days. The main effect that affects me the most is the fact that I do not live with my parents at their house anymore. Which means that I do not enjoy its commodities. It was so good when my mom cooked for me or when she made my bed. When my dad took me to school and when I returned to my room and made myself completely comfortable. But becoming a foreign student means that you will live in a dormitory or that you will rent an apartment. That’s exactly what happened to me. I live in a dormitory and usually I have to take care of dirty dishes, messy room, and cooking. I had to learn how to do many things: like how to cook several dishes. In a few words, I definitely learned how to be independent.

I find myself feeling somewhat lonely, since I arrived in a new city where I do not know a lot of people. It could be better if one of my friends from my city could come with me. I still have to deal with this loneliness. The plus side of being a foreign student coming to Marymount California University (MCU) was how I knew there were other students with the same situation of being alone. Was much easier to get used to being a foreign student knowing that I was not alone. Thank god I made friends that I can count on in a lot of difficult situations. For instance, when I’m at the school and I need to go to my house quickly but I do not have a car I know that there is someone who is going to give me a ride, when I need to get something that is not easily found I know that there is someone who is going to help me find what I need, or also when I do not understand something in the class or when I can’t do my homework I know that there is someone who is going to help me. But most of all, with my new...

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