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The Life Of A General Essay

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Back in the days of the Vietnam War our country was looking for a leader to help liberate the threat that the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong posed to our country. And in that time the United States was looking for someone to lead our country into battle. So the U.S had chosen William Westmorland a graduate from West Point who had won the Pershing Sword for his great accomplishments in his school.
William C. Westmoreland was born March 26, 1914 and was the son of a cotton manufacturer. His father was the son and grandson of men who had fought in many other wars such as the Revolutionary War and Civil War. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when he had gone to Citadel a private military school. However after a year of Citadel he had decided that Citadel wasn’t for him and had transferred to West Point another military school. He had proved to be an “ok” according to himself but when it came time for graduation he was presented with the Pershing Sword, a sword that is only given to the best students in the class. (Vietnam War: General William Westmoreland)
After his time in West Point he was put into the war as an artillery officer. But after a few years of being an Artillery officer he was promoted to Lt. Colonel. Which is a huge accomplishment considering that Lt. Colonel is a very high respected rank in the military. After the war (WWII) he had gotten married to a woman by the name of Kate Van Deusen. Kate was the daughter of another officer that William knew. Ultimately the two would have three children. Sometime after WWII William would serve in Korea for a few years and later was re-assigned to be in the MACV or the Military Assistance Command in Vietnam. Since being re-assigned William had to work his way up the chain of command until he had reached the commanding position in the MACV. Being the leader of the MACV put him in command of 16,000 people before the war in Vietnam. But at the end he was put in charge of roughly 535,000 people by the end of the war.
But before he had decided to send all those men into the war to risk their lives he had thought of bombing the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) and the Vietcong. However he had soon...

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