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The Life Of A Knight Essay

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You are playing around in the fields, running after the butterflies, picking up all the worms, blowing spit bubbles, flying kites, and having fun, but then you wake up. It was all a dream, all of that is behind you now, this was a last glimpse of the fun you're leaving behind. This is what all knights have to do at some point in their life. They have to leave all of that out as they begin their training. It isn't the most amusing thing for the boys who decide to do it, but it is the right choice in the long run. There are some perks for being a knight also, you aren't a knight forever, you eventually retire, and then you can do some cool stuff too. Plus, while you are a knight, you become ...view middle of the document...

Now that this boy, or should I say young man, has become a knight, it is time for him to begin in real fights and duels, you could not imagine how long this lad has been waiting for that day. All knights had to follow these simple rules: Read, learn, go by the Code of Chivalry, defend the weak and needy, be courteous to all women, be loyal to the king, serve God at all times, and last but not least protect the king and his castle.
The armament and weapon choosing was of great importance to a knight of this day. First, they had to get fitted in the right sized armor, which was usually a type of armor called chainmail. Chainmail was a protective armor, but also lowered the soldiers’ agility a lot. It is made up of thousands and thousands of rings. Later on, it was replaced with a less protective, but more battle friendly suit which enabled them to move more quickly, and respond more effectively. The weapons of a knight included three types, one handed, two handed, and long range. Some of the one handed weapons included the Halberd and the Poleaxe. A few of the two handed weapons were the Battleaxe and the Billhook. The long range weapons were things such as the bow and the crossbow. Now there is also the dagger, which is used as a one handed weapon and also a long range weapon for when you want to throw it at an enemy. One more thing of importance was the knights’ transportation, this was usually made up of two things, the cog (A transport...

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