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The Life Of A Marine Essay

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The complex mind of a seventeen -year -old kid isn’t always the most lucid of the bunch. It is faced with a variety of crucial life decisions throughout this time period. Some choose the typical college route, others may decide to get into a specific trade, and last but not least there those who choose to serve our country, in which they join a specific branch of service. These young individuals see commercials on television; see local recruiters coming to their high school and ads in the newspaper or even on the side bar of their Facebook page. All of these influences have some sort of persuasion and influence in their own personal decision. This how America breeds and creates “the land of the free and the home of the brave” in our present day society. This is how the most dominant force in the world is built, the United States Marines Corps. Becoming a United States Marine is the most prestigious, yet incredibly difficult journey a young man or woman can endure in a lifetime.
Boot Camp
Once this individual pledges to become a Marine, he or she is then sent off to boot camp. They will be sent off to Parris Island, South Carolina or the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, (MCRD) in San Diego, California to complete the training basics of being a Marine. Here they will be broken down to completely nothing, then they will be completely rebuilt the way the Marine Corps wants them to be. They are transformed from boys to men! They instill discipline, integrity, great character, and values. They not only develop a respect for authority and others, but a self-respect that can carry them further than they had ever imagined.
Throughout this small piece of the journey most struggle with the distance from home, most even cry themselves to sleep on a daily basis. They feel lost and don’t know how to find a grasp of reality. There are also the ones who struggle physically, not being able to perform certain tasks due to strength or even will power. The mind is a powerful thing, as well as the body; it will perform tasks one may think are impossible, but in the end it’s all if the individual truly believes.
Most young recruits have never shot a weapon before, so for the very first time in their life they are trying to develop a new skill. They aren’t just acquiring this new skill to shoot cans in the back yard or trying to get rid of the squirrels, who keep getting into the trash. They are learning this art, as one may say to save their own lives. These kids are aware to what they signed up for, but the grasp of reality to why they are learning this expertise has not even began to set in yet.
Everyday a man screams him self blue in the face to make them a trained killer, teaching them the most valuable assets, so they can come home to their the loved ones. This all a very complex process and nothing feels better than finally receiving that Eagle Globe and Anchor and earning the title, United States Marine. That sense of accomplishment and self-gratification...

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