The Life Of A Member In An Organization

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Lynette Nicholas was born September 3, 1958 in Petersburg, Virginia to the late James Robertson and Lillian Robertson. Lynette grew up in Petersburg where she attended Petersburg High School. She grew up with a typical household. She had three sisters: Karen, Michelle, and Gilda. Unfortunately, her dad died in her early teen years and that would change her life completely. With the knowledge of seeing kids with nothing and struggling influenced her greatly. An early influence that got her into wanting to be in something such as a social club that helped kids and other people was when she was taking a walk in her neighborhood. She saw a kid that appeared to be hungry and dehydrated. It was ...view middle of the document...

9 billion dollars. Another well known charity is Feeding the Children. Feeding the children has over 200 food banks and food rescue organizations. It has had over $1.5 billion dollars in donations, in which is mostly food donations. (“The Largest U.S. Charities for 2013”) Lynette Nicholas first became in contact with N-2-U, which stands for giving back to people when a great friend of hers introduced her to it. Her friend, Bea, assured her it would be something she loved and would take great pride in doing it. After seeing what N-2-U was about she soon became an active member of N-2-U. (“Interview with Lynette Nicholas”)
Lynette didn’t hold the title of a president or vice president but she loved every moment of it. She loved going out and interacting with the people. They held parties where the money went to the organization and in particular things that would help the kids such as gifts. At the parties, they paid for their pictures to be taken and below is a picture of the members of the organization. During Thanksgiving season, they would go out and volunteer with communities to feed citizens that didn’t have financial aid or family members to feed themselves. She loved feeding them a lot because she got the chance to see how unfortunate others are and how grateful she should be for just the littlest things she had due to the fact some people had nothing. Not even enough money to feed themselves, the support system of family and friends, and clothes to put on their back. She had an encounter where she seen an elderly man, Mr. Jim, cry because he was so happy that he would actually get the chance to have a nice warm meal for Thanksgiving. Mr. Jim explained to her how he was a Veteran of Armed Forces and all his money was being taken up by the place where he stayed. Having the knowledge of that seemed a little weird because usually it is believed that people would look out for someone who fought in wars for you and protected your country not leave them with no money and on the streets starving. (“Interview with Lynette Nicholas”)
During Christmas season, they would pick a child to buy a gift for that was provided for them by a local organization. The kids would basically already have a Christmas list prepared and they would pick off the list what they wanted to buy. In some cases, members of the organizations would take the kids to the store themselves and let them pick out what they wanted. Lynette encountered a sad moment. She had picked out a little girl named Brianna who was eleven that had originally put a teddy bear, a cash register, shoes, clothes, a bracelet, and a bouncy ball on her Christmas wish list. However, when Lynette had taken her to the store, her whole christmas list changed. All she wanted for Christmas was two pair of underwears and a pair of shoes. Brianna explained that she wasn’t fortunate enough to have the ability to have enough underwear to get her through the week. Most of her underwears were torn and ripped and...

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